To dream of a monument

Had a monument to the famous figure, or monument to the cemetery? Decoding dreams will help dreams.

What dreams monument

What dreams monument

Esoteric dream book

Sleep with the monument – a harbinger of unexpected difficulties and obstacles, obstacles from influential people.

To see your own monument – to the demise, but if it is a tombstone – a long life.

Saw the monument in a foreign grave – you need to rethink your life.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

The vision of the monument in a dream – to trouble empty; private – quiet carefree life; the gravestones – to grief and sorrow.

Erotic dream book

Memorial monument in a dream – to love Affairs or long dizzying novel; a sepulchral monument to love-longing without reciprocity, your feelings will not be appreciated.

Seasonal dream interpretation

To dream of a monument to well – known personalities to future trips with sightseeing.

Appointed at the monument to date – warning about breaking up with someone.

To see the gravestone is a reminder to remember the dead; to set it to severe and even fatal disease.

French dream book

Seen in a dream a monument to dream interpretation interpret as a harbinger of sad events, but the admiration of the beautiful monument – a sign of unexpected good news and financial success.

Gypsy dream book

Seen the monument – a harbinger of the conversation with important and influential person.

The construction of the monument in a dream – to success in business and achieve the desired.

To order a monument to the deceased – profit, inheritance, winnings in games of chance or lottery.

To see a broken monument to a lonely and sad period in my life.

Bronze statue in the dream is a symbol of difficulties in his personal life and the possible cancellation of the wedding; a statue of marble – a sign of unfulfilled desires and possibilities; movable signal about future dangers and troubles.

Seen in a dream his own monument – a sign of undue pride and vanity, excessive ambition; the monument symbolizes the other that they expect a significant life achievements.

Smart dream interpretation

Seen in a dream monument to the inheritance; overgrown and neglected – a reminder of carelessness and oblivion in relation to the deceased.

The monument in the cemetery in a dream – to sadness and sorrow, reading the inscriptions on the gravestones – to the illness of someone close to you.

Seen the monument to the famous figure – to a change of life circumstances, future success, luck and mutual love; covered in bird droppings – to empty time, waste of energy and resources.

The newest dream book

We need peace monument: a monument – a symbol of the coming success in business or getting an unexpected rich heritage.

The monument in the dream was split or broken – you can expect serious conflict and frustration.

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