What dreams clear lake

A dream in which you see the lake, can have many meanings, depending on the circumstances. Authoritative dream interpretation interpret these dreams in different ways, study interpretation and will surely find something that reflects your dream as fully as possible.

Dream interpretation lake

What does the dream about the lake

A modern dream book

You looked at his face reflected in the pure water, to acquire real friends and joyous events.

The fun in life is what you dream of clear lake. Muddy water promises a life of poverty.

Swimming in the lake of blood bodes misfortune and danger from enemies.

Had the blue expanse of the lake in the mountains predicts a happy life and excellent command of his emotions.

If you had a chance to witness the shallowing of the lake – held feelings, worried once.

When you see yourself with companions, in a boat, on a clean surface of water – you can expect happiness and get rich quick. Just boating on the lake can be a symbol of separation.

If you met in a dream with a threatening monstrous inhabitants of the pond, failure and sickness will not go past.

Family dream book

In the interpretation of dreams the lake is clean and calm, seen from afar, does not involve major changes in a short time.

If the water he saw his own reflection, will soon get acquainted with a man.

Look in the lake at the reflection of a familiar person is he in danger in terms of health.

If your dream lake located in the woods, there is a threat to your happy life.

In the dream to reach the lake before the onset of illness.

Women’s dream book

Dream in a state of purity and peace of the lake, where you swim predicts the improvement of well-being and wonderful events.

The pond with clean water from the surrounding small number of plants promises you to go on about recklessness.

The collapse of all plans, if you dream of dirty lake surrounded by bare rocks. To swim in a muddy and troubled pond, soon repent of their crazy decisions.

To see your face in the surface of the lake – to the great joy of meeting friends. Foliage reflected on the surface of the water, it foretells happy love.

You threaten the inhabitants of the lake are in reality frustration of spending power and the streak.

The Dream Miller

To improve the material well-being and happiness – this is what a dream lake with clear water, where you had to swim.

Swimming in dirty waters promises many changes – you will repent of his sins and bad deeds.

When the dream boat fills up with water, but managed to row to shore, in reality, you are the owner of wrong beliefs that will change the truth and receiving the honor.

The woman in the dream is watching a young couple in a boat that will cope with the raging elements, – some of the friends will be seen in bad deeds, but corrected.

The surrounded by loyal friends and wonderful experiences waiting for you if you see yourself in the reflection of the surface of pure water.

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