What dream staircase

Stairs in a dream usually means the movement of life, the UPS and downs, aspirations and results.

Stairs in a dream

Stairs in a dream

Dream Meridian

What dream of the ladder? Up the stairs is the path to success. Promotion up the ladder in your dream indicates sexual desires. Pay more attention to your partner.

Esoteric dream book

This dream interpretation of stairs as a way of life. What a dream to climb stairs? Moving up it — the desire to achieve goals, execute plans, well-being.

If the movement is directed downwards, the situation may deteriorate. It is necessary to know that the lower, more dangerous. Broken stairs provides all kinds of obstacles that will be overcome if you dream you will pass.

Steep stairs foretells of difficulty. The stairs are gentle — all work, only need to wait for the right moment.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

To dream of a stairway up — move on to success. Fall — expect failure. The broken ladder means the presence of enemies, of possible enemies.

Dream Of The Wanderer (Terence Smirnova)

Staircase dreams for the promotion of ascent or descent. With sleep stages indicate opportunities along the way. Very steep stairs indicates that soon will come relief. Up-close the success of the dream of the ladder.

A modern dream book

Move up — then move to happiness. Failures in personal life or business sector will go if had a down the stairs.

I dreamt that I fell down the stairs, hatred and envy aimed at you. Sitting on the stairs — moving, fortunately, but gradually.

Oriental dream book

Saw on the stairs someone else — expect unpleasant changes. Falling down the stairs dream to the fact that somebody made a bad thoughts in relation to your person. He saw in a dream the shaky ladder, one should be careful in business dealings.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Iron stairs — a difficult path to success. Wood — harbinger of light period in fate, finances or career.

Rope — don’t pass in front of difficulties and will be rewarded. Run the stairs, so do not want to ignore existing problems. They should be addressed to good luck.

Waiting for career growth, the realization of old plans, if you dream that you are washing the stairs. In General is good.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

What dreams to the stairs up? In business circles will take a higher position. To escape from prison with the help of the ladder you can take risks, success is assured. Failure in any endeavor is waiting if you dream of broken stairs.

Had to raise a ladder is a harbinger of happiness, success and prosperity. The path to the goal will be difficult, if you dream of a spiral staircase.

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