What dream kittens

Kittens and cats are many associated with something gentle, kind, and gentle. When you have these furry creatures, it is hardly possible to think that it portends something bad or even dangerous. As with all dreams, great role play stuff. To avoid incorrect interpretation, you should analyze the meaning of the details on the version of different dream books. Having kittens – what?

What dream kittens

What dream kittens

Interpretation D. Lofa

  • Cat – a symbol of the secret desire to possess psychic abilities.
  • If you dream of your cat or kitten, it is treated just like your favorite homemade creature.
  • Kittens having a token presence in your life flattering and envious friends.

Dream Meridian

  • A lot of small kittens in a dream – a symbol of your weaknesses and fears. More than animals had, especially fear. If the cat’s cubs are very small, then your concerns are minor and easily resolved.
  • Kittens dream of a pregnant woman when she is afraid of childbirth, especially if in the dream she gives birth. Thoughts about the future of motherhood stimulate such dreams. If this dream woman who is not expecting a child, that she should be careful with new projects and plans.
  • Feed the kitten breast – predict damage from enemies. Such people can pretend to be friends, but at the same time trying to figure out how to hurt you more.
  • The game with young cats promises the betrayal of a loved one.
  • If kittens meowing in her sleep, then waking beware of fraud.

Life-dream interpretation

  • If a young girl had a white and fluffy cat or kitten, she is wary of the true intentions of her lover. He may not be as it seems at first glance. If a girl agree to become his wife, then again will bitterly regret your decision.
  • In the dream a snake is killing a kitten – a good dream, it means that your foes will not be able to harm you, and will only make yourself worse.
  • The sick skinny cat dream as a call to be more proactive. Everything you see may be only a tinsel, a closer look might not notice the main.
  • Kittens in a dream is not a very good sign. In everyday life you can face many small problems that will spoil the mood.

The Dream Miller

  • Clean and healthy cat dream as a sign of uncertainty and chaos, it can cause troubles.
  • If the cat will scratch you, then in reality you can suffer a loss from the transaction on which worked for. Up to this collapse can be a part of your detractors.
  • Kittens dream trade worker as a warning about failures in business. If he puts in effort, you can avoid all the trouble.
  • Engaging in dishonest business – that’s what dreams kitten woman. Sleep is particularly unfavorable, when she holds the animal in his hands.
  • To kill a cat in a dream – a sign of great failure in the work. The reason for this will become ignorance and stubbornness of the authorities. In your power to prevent such an outcome.
  • If you drown kittens, the reality of the few times ponder the correctness of their actions. You may unconsciously behave to failure.
  • Dead furry animals dream as a sign of imminent failure in his personal life and loneliness. This period will not last long, you need a little patience.

Interpretation on Aesop

  • In the book of dreams by the ancient Greek poet kittens with a cat means problems in the family, with children. Look closely, your child may be trying to hide something.
  • If in the dream the kitten climbs a tree to escape the dogs, beware of trouble.
  • Red kittens dream as a sign of failure in love.
  • Black cats in dreams are a symbol of evil designs and deceptions.
  • White kitten characterizes secret trouble, but you can easily avoid.
  • Two little cats in a dream – a sign of the imminent appearance of a faithful friend. Friendship with this woman will be your support for many years.
  • Give the kitty – foresight attempts to establish a relationship with a loved one. Most likely, your efforts will be crowned with success.
  • If you dream you find a kitten, you will be surprised by a pleasant surprise.

Dream interpretation for Cleopatra

  • The dream of the Egyptian Queen kittens who are hiding on the roof runs from a dog is a sign of trouble.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

  • If in the dream the castle was solemnly placed the basket with the cats, then the country will have strong and far-sighted ruler.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

  • The confrontation of the problems and failures – that’s what having little kittens. The time has come to put an end to all the troubles, you should do it.
  • Playing with a kitten in a dream – a sign of favorable effects of your friend. At first glance you would think that the man only exacerbates your problems, but trust him, he gives the right advice.
  • If in the dream you feed a cat, you will soon begin to indulge in pleasant dreams which will not come true.
  • Another interpretation of dreaming cats – irritation about people.

To understand what dream kittens, we must first understand yourself. What do you feel towards this animal? If it does not cause you fear and loathing? Having kittens what is it? Based on your response, choose the most appropriate interpretation, after all, in different dreams the same dream can be interpreted oppositely.

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