To see the kitchen in dreams, dream interpretation

Dreams a kitchen symbolizes the negative phenomena in the family, stress at work, the gossip, the intrigues of envious. If you remember in detail the vision, its parts and sensations from the seen, you will be able to more accurately interpret your dream.

dream kitchen

What a dream kitchen

Old Russian dream book

Kitchen with utensils means the chatter of friends, gossip, slander.

The kitchen is very involved in the way of other people.

The fire in the kitchen – the collapse of all his plans, the collapse of plans, unrealistic dreams.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To see their kitchen – success in work, career.

Clean kitchen – quiet family happiness.

Dirty, cluttered kitchen with a quarrel, gossip, trouble from relatives.

The neighbors in the kitchen – surrounding harm.

Very big – you are alone, you have no friends.

Smoke in the kitchen – gonna get in trouble.

Women’s dream book

If sleep is a dream in the kitchen, the circumstances of his life will be not very good. Need to prepare for the problems that you. If a woman is busy in the kitchen – it will have guests who will bring glad tidings.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

To see myself in the kitchen to experience difficulties, to solve problems, to clash, to rush in finding the right solution. To see a clean kitchen with lots of utensils and food, so you can expect a series of pleasant events, entertainment.

Dream interpretation of psychologist Simon the zealot

Dirty dishes in the kitchen – the right solution can be found, but have run into trouble and make mistakes.

Broken appliances in the kitchen – you will find challenging work that will bring satisfaction and financial profit.

Dine in the kitchen – relatives will want to reconcile with you.

To restore order in the kitchen – attempting to restore his good name in the team.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

I don’t know what dream kitchen, study dream interpretation Filomena, remembering all the details of the vision. In the near future in your life will be changed, which will be the external circumstances, new friends, changes in relationships with loved ones.

That kitchen dream?

New – coming joyous event, profit will be the invitation to an interesting or important event.

Dirty – you are waiting for bad news, problems at work, difficult relationships with family.

What were you doing in the kitchen?

Cleaned – fundamental changes and reckless decisions can harm, be careful when doing actions.

Doing repairs – you will be able to cope with a difficult situation, while maintaining respect for others.

Cooked – in decisions take the initiative into their own hands.

Washed dishes – empty troubles will not lead to anything, leave them and go do important things.

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