What a dream kiss with the man or boyfriend dream interpretation

In different kinds of dream interpretation kiss symbolizes the hidden desire, luck and trouble. To remember details of the dream from the waking write down everything on paper and begin to look for interpretation.

dream interpretation kiss

To dream a kiss with husband or boyfriend

Women’s dream book

To kiss wife – easy virtue, debauchery, kiss in daylight – have a respectful and reverent attitude to the beautiful half. Kiss a stranger – has committed an immoral act. For a woman kissing a man means a happy family life, the joy in the relationship. Kissing the enemy – make peace with the old man. See kiss the children – peace in the family, success in work. Kiss your mother deserve respect and honor among comrades, a successful business. Kissed a brother or sister means a strong friendship, enjoy relaxing with friends.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

According to ancient beliefs, the kiss is a symbol of unity of effort. Also in the dream of Medea: a kiss with friends – expect change for the better, strong friendship. Dream you are kissing a dead person is a sign of illness with tragic consequences. Kiss with a famous person promises to increase the status, honor and respect.

Esoteric dream book

A kiss in a dream means dissatisfaction in the relationship, the desire to renew the feelings, to feel tenderness and affection for the partner. Dreaming that someone kiss, harmony in relationships, tenderness, a strong Alliance.

Dream Meridian

Kissing in a dream with an ex – reaching unresolved issues from the past. You should finally figure out the relationship. Perhaps you feel a lack of attention from a loved one. Also, this dream can mean changes in your life. If it is not expected changes in the fate, then this dream interpretation kiss with a guy can dream for a chance meeting with the man himself. The guy saw in a dream a kiss with a beautiful girl soon to be married.

The man who kisses in a dream with a girl in real life will become the owner of the net profit benefits from a successful event. If the kiss felt satisfaction – wait for good news or pleasant events. Kissed with a girl friend – maybe she will become your lawful wife. The girl in the dream is kissing with another girl – to illness, with her husband – life your reputation will be «tarnished». Also, this dream may mean meeting with a narcissistic man. If a woman dreams that she is kissing someone else’s husband, she may be in the center of the scandal, the unpleasant circumstances.

For girls to see a dream in which she kisses a man, means a quick wedding, a stranger – to the present. Kiss with a friend foretells separation from him. If a girl sees a dream with a kiss of love, it will soon find new pleasant acquaintances will get good news.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Sleep with a kiss lead to separation. Sensual, passionate kiss to a lingering and severe illness. Long kiss – up to a serious scandal, a breakup. Feel on lips cold kiss – unfortunately. The ancients said: a cold kiss – you said death. Painful kiss – get rid of unnecessary troubles and worries. Kissed a stranger – deception, temptation. To kiss a new acquaintance.

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