What a dream kiss on the lips in sleep

Usually by themselves Lips occur rarely. This part of the face, and dream of it. However, you can kiss in a dream on the lips. The interpretation of this vision depends on the degree of satisfaction experienced by the man or woman while kissing. This is not necessarily sexual feelings and emotions. Downers kiss on the lips can have completely opposite values.

Dream ruin

What does it mean to dream of a kiss on the lips

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Thick, ugly lips having to possible emotional distress, anxiety. This can be a reminder that it’s time to think about their health. Too full lips in a dream predicting the successful resolution of old disputes, getting rid of the problem.

To see the thin lips mean trouble. Beautiful, well-defined, but other people – talking about the location of others, attention from peers and friends.

Russian dream book

In the ancient Russian dream interpretation lips are interpreted as follows:

  • red, lush, the health of friends and loved ones;
  • large, swollen, cracked, blood – disease, serious problems with the health of children and families.

Your swollen lips to see:

  • Monday heralds the choices we have to make a few sentences of questionable character;
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and unnecessary insulting of others;
  • Saturday or Sunday is a disease acquaintance.

Spring dream interpretation

Lips – fullness, prosperity, food.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Lips are bright, attractive – the moodiness, the emergence of quarrels, thoughtless act; pale disease; thin – jealousy, revenge.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

Bright, sensual lips parting, quarrel, divorce with a sexual partner; beautiful, with a pronounced contour to reciprocity, recognition; too thin – before jumping to conclusions, often erroneous.

Oriental dream book

Thick and ugly lips to dream of unpleasant encounters, hasty in making important decisions, problems in family, with relatives.

Full pink bow lips – a sign of prosperity, harmony, peace.

Thin means persistence and perseverance in achieving the goal.

Swollen, sick, wounded for close of deprivation, the ridiculous wishes.

Islamic dream interpretation

In this present dream interpretation of dreams about people with severed lips. If a man sees himself without the mouth, it means his tendency to slander, cheating, idle talk. If you deleted the upper lip, it will remain one, without support, without a true friend. Some Islamic interpreters of dreams associated with sleep to the man’s lips with his thoughts about the woman.

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dream of a kiss, it means approaching a long-awaited happy news. Kissing in a dream with a man full on the lips to experience unpleasant feelings for a woman, this vision can turn frustration, the emergence of hostility to their partner.

Passionate kiss of a loved one for girls symbolizes proposal of marriage and intimate marriage. If in a dream she felt no special joy from such a kiss, you have to be ready to betrayal or treason.

Summer dream

In this dream kiss on the lips heralds mutual love.

If a girl dreams that kiss with a former lover, in reality a possible meeting with him. Or he still thinks about her and feels a sexual attraction. This dream can mean a hidden longing, sadness expensive, but a lost man.

Kiss on the lips with a strange man mean for women meeting with Alphonse. Man, kissing in a dream a stranger, in the near future will undergo a lot of joy, good news and luck.

If the vision of a person feels pain while kissing, he faces problems with his family.

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