To see the killer in your sleep

What does it mean to dream killer? This question gives answers to different interpreters.

What a dream killer, dream interpretation

What a dream killer, dream interpretation

A modern dream book

When you’ve seen the killer in a dream, and while he was beating you, in real life you will cope with different tests.

When the killer in the dream, he bent over the victim, in reality do not expect anything positive. This dream portends unhappiness and misery that flow might bring back on you.

Just see in the dream killer can be to the fact that in reality you have enemies that are secret and aim to cause you considerable damage.

When the killer someone was chasing, then you someone will be treated with special respect.

You were running in a dream assassin? Should keep themselves from doing something reckless.

Saw in a dream that someone was killed, remorse for any act.

If you yourself were the killer, in reality will benefit from other people’s suffering, discover great treasures and a long life, but still you can overcome a lot of fears.

When in a dream you saw the killer, so you can expect a loss of acts or enemies.

If he had managed to escape from the killer in the dream, will be long-lived.

When the murderer killed your loved ones or friends, it may portend serious problems in terms of health or periuterine condition.

Family dream book

Saw the attempt on your life killer in a reality will meet with failure in the implementation of the plans and frustration in many cases.

When you personally acted as the murderer, soon there will be an event that comes between you and your friends or relatives.

Women’s dream book

This interpreter of dreams to behold the murderer actually incur losses or to experience the wiles of the evil people.

Beheld how the killer dealt you blows, – soon you will find a difficult test to overcome, which need to mobilize all available forces within.

Saw the killer with the current hand of blood, bent over the victim, – you do not expect a very successful event.

The Dream Miller

The killer in the dream is preparing to attack and hit you – wait for troubles to overcome to help just gathering together all the mental forces.

To unfortunate circumstances dream killer who is leaning over the dead man to them.

Also sleep with a murderer can represent warnings, as the enemies are not asleep, and trying to impress you.

Small dream book of Veles

To get rid of your dangers dream killer.

If you caught him in his sleep, will receive honor and respect in society.

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