What a dream in which you see a dead snake?

To kill a snake horoscopes interpreted as a favorable sign. Snakes in dreams symbolize treachery, deceit. Cracking down on her in her sleep, as if a person is freed from the negativity that had accumulated in life.

Killed a snake in a dream

What does it mean to dream a dead snake

The Dream Miller

Killed a snake in a dream means receiving a source of energy that will help to cope with enemies, conflict, competition. The time has come with the belief in success to start the implementation of long-conceived plans.

A modern dream book

To kill the snake is to deprive their competitors of the opportunity to put a spoke in the wheels themselves will disappear conflicts that interfere with the conduct of Affairs. There will be new partners and profitable contracts to be awarded without too much difficulty.

What have killed the snake woman – peace in the family, new friends. Will situations arise that can change the attitude to life, realize their creative potential.

Universal dream

The snake that crawls on the body and internal conflict, conflict with himself. To kill the snake means that harmony will finally be restored, the problems will go away, freeing up space for more positive emotions.

To kill a snake slithering along the tree – your knowledge in some areas of life, is not entirely true. Should find someone who will help to deal with difficulties of perception, shows the right path for success.

In the water to kill the snake – freedom from apathy, indifference to the world. The opportunity to take another look at the situation, people.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

To kill the snake in the dream means that to achieve the goal needs some sacrifices. What will have to be abandoned, shows the details of the dream. If in the dream someone on your eyes kills snake, that in life there is a person who will help to cope with problems.

To kill a snake with your bare hands, fight with enemies will be grueling, to win you need to exert maximum effort.

To dream of dead snakes in his house to avoid conflicts in the family, disagreements with loved ones will be solved.

To kill the snake with a knife, a way of solving problems chosen incorrectly. In combat enemies can hurt people who are to blame for your troubles. Should reconsider the methods used to achieve the objectives.

To kill a snake crossing the road means understanding your purpose, finding your path in life. You should not listen to the advice of others, you should trust your intuition.

What a dream to kill the snake and destroy the nest to get rid of the person who is behind you conspired, intrigued.

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