What a dream to kill?

Dreams about killing unpleasant, but their interpretation surprised at his surprise. It is important to consider the details of a bad dream.

To kill in a dream

To kill in a dream

Family dream book

Duel fatal enemy – your competition is defeated.

You had to kill in a dream, fighting in the battle, – will overcome all obstacles and solve the necessary.

A thief in your house killed you will have to protect their families from external attacks.

Lost striker bandit and killed him – quick career growth, respect of colleagues.

You shot the man – will have to exercise caution. There is a risk of meeting dishonest person.

Man stabbed, there was no blood – your enemies will be cause for joy.

In stabbed was bleeding to fight with blood relatives.

What a dream to kill, when the murder weapon is a heavy object? Waiting for the blows of fate. To withstand a force at each.

Manslaughter – the envious machinations will adjust and will make your life miserable.

To run over the passer-by death – there will be a sudden obstacle plans will not be realized.

Poison – the damage from your anger will soon feel the surrounding.

To hang someone — the important issues will be delayed for a long time.

Any dream about killing a dangerous sign. Every action and word can be directed against you.

Erotic Dream Book

Trying to kill – will soon have to stop become dull partnership.

Trying to kill someone with a knife is the sex drive on your part will be met with reciprocity.

To strangle a person during sleep is a signal of the need of novelty in the relationship.

Shoot someone’s intimacy issues will be resolved in the near future.

The Dream Miller

Dream about killing a haunt of remorse. Once evil is now caused to you bothers you.

Someone was murdered in your sleep if you suffer from someone’s evil intentions.

You have deprived human life – not to avoid the shame of wrong actions.

To destroy an attacking man or beast to rapid progress in business, career growth.

Dream Interpretation By Zhou Gong

Killed in a dream you – fortunately.

You killer to the prosperity and success in business.

Stabbed with a knife – to a prosperous life and good luck.

To kill and see the blood on the clothes to receive a large profit.

A lot of times to pull a knife someone- the expectation of great joy.

Hack sword of the people – unsuccessful future.

To be a witness to the murder – to find happiness.

What a dream to kill sheep? Expected health problems.

To kill leopard, leopard or tiger – track.

To kill the bull and eat the meat to become rich.

Vedic dream interpretation

In this dream the murder of a man is interpreted as a warning from the intended in the short term the Commission of the crime.

Dream Interpretation Lofa David

You killed the stranger – the struggle with their own flaws, trying to be better. Overwhelming communication aggression manifests itself in dreams.

Slavic dream book

Someone became a murder victim in your eyes – will have to tune in overcoming adversity.

A modern dream book

According to this dream book, to kill someone in self-defense – a symbol of speedy success and victory over enemies.

Order killing someone before meeting false people. They will try to use your intentions for their own purposes.

The woman dreams of her proposal for the contract killing – in the surroundings will appear unworthy suitors.

Own hands to kill someone weaker – to wait for trouble and sad days.

Dream interpretation health

What a dream to kill someone? This is a warning about a dangerous situation in which you’re going.

In the dream, threaten anyone with violence – time to get rid of unwanted mental stress.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The fact of the murder in a dream is a symbol of the end of an important stage in life. It is connected definitely with the establishment of harmony with yourself. All started will have a successful finale.

They killed you — your achievements will receive recognition and respect.

To go on suicide – cherished desire will come true soon. Health problems will go away.

Become a witness of the murder to try to forget that has appeared recently good intentions.

Predator kill – to eliminate unnecessary worries. Everything will work out itself.

Kill birds – to unpleasant events.

Someone poisoned the attempts to recover the very expensive, but has ended the relationship.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

In this dream book to kill someone who already died, then a long time to let go of the situation. The time has come to leave the sad thoughts and start a new life.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Killed someone — should end outdated communication. A time of change on the threshold.

Witnessed murder – sign of the overuse of violent sexual fantasies. You must take into account the wishes of the partner.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Killed in your sleep enemies and soiled with blood – the success was very close. Patience will be rewarded. We should expect significant cash receipts.

Esoteric dream book

You’re lucky to be alive after the assassination attempt – any risk is inevitable if you continue to firmly defend its position.

The dream was interrupted when someone’s killed – unjustly fears prevent to enjoy life and move on.

Killed you with a warning about a possible attack on your loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

You had to kill in the dream? Expect disputes with the authorities. It is important not to cross the line.

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