Dream interpretation: dream keys

How to decipher a dream that had a key? To decode the signals of the subconscious will help dreams.

What dream keys, dream interpretation

What dream keys, dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

Keys in a dream are a symbol of life’s changes. If you found the keys – in the family happens happy event, the case will go to the mountain and all the Pets will get along with each other. To forget where I put the keys to unpleasant concerns.

In his hand is a broken key waiting for the parting with the loved person, perhaps he is seriously ill. If in the dream a young girl had lost the key need to be alert, her reputation is in danger. If she sees that closed door, you will soon meet a life partner, such a dream is seen before the wedding.

Idiomatic dream book

In this dream, the keys are a favorable sign – the dream means access to secret knowledge, the secrets of other people. Also the keys are the symbol of the clues, problem solving, fulfillment of desires.

A modern dream book

The key symbolizes your commitment in all spheres of life. If you found the keys in family life come to being. Lost the key to the problems, to see the key but not be able to get it – you’ll be gossiping. Family people healthy sign to see a bunch of keys. To dream of keys from the precious metal – gold, silver to meet an important figure, a public figure.

Love dream interpretation

Unlock the door with the key to a new acquaintance, which quickly escalates into a novel, close the door of your home – you’ll meet someone who will become your destiny. To send someone your keys – don’t miss your chance at love. To lose the key from the box, boxes with jewelry – to quarrel with a loved one.

If a woman sees the keys in her sleep – she learns a secret that will be difficult to maintain. To see two or three key – in your problem there are several solutions but due to the hustle and bustle you can’t see them. To see the key sticking in the lock, your plans will be impeded by unexpected circumstances. Independently put the key in the lock will cope with all the trouble.

Had the car keys – you will find a joy, a precious gift. You have entrusted the keys to someone else’s apartment, your friends cherish you. To hold the keys to a new apartment, if the family is sick, he is moving to recovery.

To give your keys to someone to jeopardize their reputation in the society, to give the keys of the deceased – to the disease. Keep the key, but not to know what he, soon your life will happen unexpected, but significant changes. If you had the keys in the bundle – will have the opportunity to earn.

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