What have ticks?

If you had a tick, it means that you are probably waiting for a bad or unfortunate event that has to happen in your life. Or loss large sums of money, or poor health, or family problems at work. To find out what have mites, you need to remember additional details of the dreams.

What have mites

What have mites

Sucking tick

If a tick stuck to the body, you can suddenly happen a attack, failure of the heart, epilepsy. On the other prophesies sucking insect means that you have loans or debts that you have to pay in a short time, otherwise you will not be left behind.

Also stuck to the body of the tick suggests that you have envious person who wants you dead.

Dream interpretation: mites on the body

If you see a tick crawling to you, you have health problems that need to be addressed, otherwise it may get worse. It can also mean that you have to care for the sick person. Ticks crawling on your body – this means that there can be a fairly complex problem you or your family’s health. If you notice that someone in your family is unwell, do not delay it indefinitely, to avoid bad consequences.

Caught mites on the head – you are surrounded by duplicitous people, so be on the lookout, anyone do not pour out your soul, otherwise you will throw the dirty deed.

To see the tick on his leg – you are waiting for health problems, namely a possible leg injury, be careful and attentive to yourself. Do not engage in dangerous sports better in the day read a book or watch a good movie.

Caught mites on the hand, back you will have to seriously invest, save every penny, don’t take your money, they you still need. Found in the hair of the tick – you can expect unpleasant circumstances may strongly feel the deterioration of health. If this day you have the opportunity to stay at home, do not miss this chance.

A tick in my sleep in other situations

If you saw the tick, kill it – hang in there, soon you are attacked by your enemies. See mites crawling on the tree – someone wants to take your property. Push in a dream a tick – wait for pressure from the enemies.

If you saw in a dream one or many ticks, you will catch a disease, ailment, or get ready: you will be tortured for truth, you may have to transfer emotional pain, separation from loved ones.

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