Had the jaw: what does it mean?

Which means that during sleep the jaw?

sleep selepe

A dream about the jaw, what do you mean?

Home dream interpretation

Jaw to the dreamer in the case when there is a need to succeed. If you just remember that in the dream felt soreness in the jaw area, then in real life it involves an insult on your part in fate. When a man falls in sleep in a bad situation, facing the beast that treats him unkindly, and goes in the mouth, it in reality will struggle with excessive ambitions that scare me. If you had a jaw ugly, then you probably are ready to go «over the heads» to meet their needs. In addition, such a dream could mean hard feelings between friends. When you sleep in a dream like a lot of compression jaw to unclench but it is still, in real life you have to grab your chance not to miss a great opportunity to improve the future. In some cases, short teeth can symbolize trouble.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

In this dream the terrible jaw, which seems unnatural, talk about your friction with close friends. Maybe it’s time to come to consensus. If you feel dream pain in the jaw area, you should be concerned about climate change. If the dreamer is unable to unclench his jaw to speak, you should be ready to betray. The jaw of the animal can dream to unpleasant changes on the job. Soon you will be overcoming difficulties.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

If you had dentures, then this dream is not good in your life. Expect a big fight with a good friend, a friendship which did not want to lose. One has only to imagine that you see a man in a dream with such a jaw. Perhaps he can insert a real teeth or they will grow back. Then dentures is no longer needed. They can be thrown away or burnt.

Magical dream interpretation

Depending on the situation, shape, and color of the jaw can be interpreted this item, which appeared in the dream in different ways. By far the the jaw in this dream symbolizes strength of character, making the right final decision. Only if the jaw of the person you saw in the dream has been broken or sick, it means ingratitude. Someone not well for you. You deserve much better treatment to the person.

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