Had jacket dream interpretation

Dreams, in which appears the jacket most often indicate that you can change your future if you will have a great desire. But if the jacket is sitting bad for you in the near future it is not necessary to do big stuff. Otherwise, all your efforts will go ashes.

What dreams jacket dream interpretation

What dreams jacket dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Caratula

To wear a jacket in a dream – to hard labour. If the jacket was accidentally worn inside out, you will learn the secrets that will have a huge impact on your future.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The jacket in the dream – to an important business meeting. If you’re sensible, this meeting will play a crucial role in your life. You will be able to establish their financial situation, advance in employment and take their rightful place in society.

If a man sees a brand new jacket, it will have a chance to improve their lives. If the girl or woman dreamt that she tries on elegant women’s jacket, it needs to be more feminine and not to hide their attractiveness from other people.

What a dream jacket with long floors up to the good relations of others. You have credibility and reputation among people who work or live near you. If a girl sees in a dream a military jacket, she’ll meet a guy. High probability that it will be the military.

To see a ragged jacket for men is a bad sign. His financial situation has deteriorated. If you tried on a jacket, but it was too small, you have to make an important decision. There is a big risk to make a mistake, so you need to exercise caution, prudence and judiciousness. Denim jacket – to a stable period in life. Everything will go on as usual without worry and anxiety.

An interesting interpretation depending on the color of the jacket presented in the dream: blue blazer – a dream that’s been achieved, and raspberry – success, yellow – fun, black – treason.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

If you dream that you see yourself in the mirror, but your jacket is badly dented, be ready to of blood to defend their views. If you try on the jacket, but it does not fit your size, do not engage in dubious enterprise. Success will not happen. To take the jacket to the dry cleaners and then to admire its purity and freshness – you know too little myself. Your potential is so huge that you can easily change your destiny, to bring happiness to their friends and relatives. Use this.

If you dream you have to hear compliments about a new jacket, listen to your colleagues. They often say very clever things, many of them you can take a note.

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