Had a dream in a dream

What dream food in the dream? Often such dreams visit those who are sitting on the diet: they are seen extremely tasty, but not delicious. The value of such visions immediately clear. And how to explain the other dreams about food? This will tell popular dream books.

What dreams are in your sleep

What dreams are in your sleep

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

What dreams are? Food in dreams symbolizes power, strength, life, fertility. Asleep and dreaming about food need more energy, vitality. He wants power, love, worship. If the food is good, sleep is happy and feels that they can achieve the desired. If the food is tasteless, his self-esteem low. The dreamer, gives food to others, wants to climb in the eyes of other people and wants to be appreciated for their assistance.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

There is a lot of meat in a dream predicts a period of misfortune, loss. To give up meat – to success in Affairs.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Watch in my sleep for eating people speaks of the need to work in a team, and not to follow the course of life. To have means you will learn important information or learn something very useful. If you give food to other people, soon, your help will need family and friends.

Symbolic dream interpretation

Something to chew portend some difficulties, obstacles, misunderstandings, difficulties with getting what you want. But if you enjoy sweets and cream cakes, then life will change for the better, all desires will be fulfilled.

Esoteric dream book

He interprets what it means with the dead and what this dream is very hard. According to the drafters, it is a sign of imminent death. Take food together with friends and acquaintances to the disease. But to see how other people are eating, is a success.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Had there are all sorts of treats – to a comfortable life, nasty, spoiled food – to the disease, burnt – to the bad news. If you are invited to a picnic to unsustainable luck.

Small Veles

Unknown food often dream to famine, crop failure, serious illness. Eating pancakes is usually seen the news, rolls – before the theft, the peas, the tears, the fried meat to the problems, illnesses and financial loss, boiled poultry to new possibilities. The best food is bread, eggs and apples. They portend health, happiness and financial well-being.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you have a dream in a dream inedible, so in reality you have not found your calling. Edible food dream to fulfillment of small desires.

The noble dream interpretation

To try human meat dream foretells a stormy and all-consuming passion.

Dream Interpretation Maria Fedorov

He talks about what dream about eating nuts, tomatoes, beans or watermelons. For women such a dream pregnancy, and for men to prosperity.

The Dream Miller

If you’re dreaming of eating alone, this dream foretells loss. And not necessarily financial. Parting forever with loved ones is also possible. But if you take part in a friendly feast, fortune will be on your side.

Dream signs

There is a lot of honey, rice, fatty oil – for happiness, contentment.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To see eat man to his illness, and the more he eats, the more serious will be the disease. If you take the food waiting for the separation from her lover, or the betrayal of a friend. To absorb large chunks of write – losses from-for own carelessness.

Unusual delicacies there are in your dream indicates a large amount of unrealized desires. Regale fragrant soup – joyful news, which will be fraudulent. There are wafer – to sensual pleasures. Enjoy sweets – payment of debts. Have a salad or vinaigrette to the hustle and bustle. A festive dinner – to the joyous events, and sometimes for travel.

Autumn dream interpretation

If you eat up the remnants of another dish then soon falls on hard times, will have to survive on donations.

Ancient dream interpretation

The interpreter, speaking about what you dream of food, shares the meaning of dreams depending on what they saw of dishes. So, bitter food and drinks always arrived hot – before his marriage, the salt – to fun. The interpreter also speaks about eating non-edible products.

To see what you varnish the pencil stylus, travel, tree bark – you shall know the truth, soap or chalk – happiness, manure or glass to delays in Affairs, ashes – to the present, with a resin – to the news, with an icicle or snow – to pleasant surprises, tobacco – up to marriage.

Oriental dream book

If you had a dream that you want to eat, then you will need to seek peace and shelter in the home. For lovers of such a dream means separation. And dream about how I want there are other shows about disappointment in friends.

Astrological dream interpretation

Dishes from mushrooms and berries – sensual, erotic pleasures. Sweets for success with the opposite sex. And potatoes with the meat to poor health.

English dream interpretation

Dream about what you really want is, then to achieve everything desired in life through hard work.

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