Iron in the dream – interpretation

That may be important in a dream, in which an iron? But in many dream books to see this subject means a concern, dissatisfaction with his life, criticism and conflict. In rare cases, such a dream could Herald improvement or new love.

Children’s dream book

dream interpretation the Prasquier

The iron dream interpretation — dream interpretation

If the student sees in a dream the iron, so be prepared for the fact that his behavior is to sharply criticize. This criticism is fair, because the wine will want to sink into the ground from shame.

Small dream book of Veles

In contrast to other interpretations the interpretation of the dream about the iron is quite favorable. Such dreams portend the improvement of the current state of Affairs. If in the dream, I had to iron things will come to you joyful and talkative guests.

The Russian dream book

Iron in a dream – to fatigue from everyday worries.

Dream Interpretation Freud

If you dream that you got burned with a hot iron, it means you have been dishonest with another person. Your antipathy to this person is completely unfounded. Drop the iron with a thud on the floor – a major argument with your other half. In great anger, you put him or her a lot of nonsense that would entail a scandal. The situation is complicated by the fact that none of you will want to first humble ourselves and extend a hand of reconciliation.

Oriental dream book

If in the dream you were busy Ironing linen, wait for the pleasant gift.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

What dream of iron is an indication that your life is very monotonous. You yourself are tired of the dullness and routine of your days. Try to vary your existence, feel the taste of life. Everyday concerns make it impossible to devote time to yourself, but you need to try to do it at any cost. You will be easier to cope with household chores, they will not be so much burden on you.

If in the dream the iron was hot, you will fall in love and find true love.

Women’s dream book

Iron in a dream to the everyday concerns and endless worries in life. If you ironed their clothes to another person, be prepared for conflict and arguments. You may have to give this man.

Family dream book

If you were Ironing the washed things in a dream, your home will be characterized by comfort and tranquility. A burn from an iron – you will suffer disease. If you dream you lost your clothes with the iron, you have a rival. If the iron was cold and you couldn’t Pat them, you will be treated insincerely.

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