To dream of iron – interpretation

Iron in a dream symbolizes strength of character and indomitable will. However, such dreams are a bad sign. They portend material losses or doubtful success. People who see the iron in a dream, will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Iron is an unworthy company and questionable income.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

sleep iron

The iron dream — interpretation of dreams

Iron is a symbol of determination. Iron bars predicts an argument with a stubborn person to prove nothing is impossible. He will not listen to your arguments and remain unconvinced. Rusty iron predicts monetary loss and misfortune.

A red-hot iron warns of the undesirable consequences of your actions, which can lead to financial ruin. To strike while the iron – to use illegal means to achieve the goal. To dream of a blacksmith at work – in reality you will be a success if your actions will be decisive and quick.

If you sell iron and products made of it, the reality will fall under the influence of bad company and would achieve considerable success. However, your achievements will not be recognized, and you will hardly be proud. Working with metal means having an income, doing unworthy deeds.

Family dream book

A dream in which you see the iron predicts distress in your home. Bear iron on itself, and feel its heaviness – it means to suffer financial collapse. Rusty iron-promises a deep disappointment in life and poverty. Sell iron products in the dream – so in reality to have questionable friends and succeed illegal or sneaky methods.

If you dream you apply to someone hit with an iron object, in real life, from your selfishness and rudeness innocent suffer, depends on you. A red-hot iron warns of impending failure in everything that you did.

Bending iron hands trying to cope with the unpleasant situation by illegal means or to use the gullibility of the person who depends on you.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Pieces of iron having a profit. To dream of iron in the hands of a blacksmith – is to become the partner of a man whose methods of making a profit is not really legitimate.

If you see molten iron flow, the reality will feel passionate love. To strike while the iron is means to quarrel with close people. To have or to acquire a iron products very soon. To hurt someone with iron – means to cause hurt to a loved person for his cruelty.

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