Had disabled, dream interpretation

Seeing disabled people in real everyday life, we experience mixed feelings of pity, horror and fear. Everyone starts to think about how little he values his health. To see a disabled person in a dream is a dangerous sign of caution. Often, this dream foretells an unpleasant situation or even injury.

What dreams disabled

What dreams disabled

Women’s dream book

If you dream you was the Kalika, be careful. Your partners are very tricky. They build the insidious plans and infringe on your interests. If you see yourself maimed in the near future you happen to have a lot of trouble. To dream of a cripple in a wheelchair – a sign of impending disaster. In this difficult time, you show your best qualities and give a helping hand to all in need.

Dream Interpretation Freud

What dreams invalid – you feel inferior in relationships with people of the opposite sex. You convince yourself that your significant other treats you with contempt and insincerity. This obsessive thought is constantly haunting you and stopping to build a normal relationship.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If you dream you were a disabled person, be cautious. All your actions must be deliberate, otherwise you will seriously mess up your reputation.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Disabled in a dream – a warning about the state of your health. You need to visit a doctor and pay attention to how you feel. To dream of the monster – you will fail.

Summer dream

If you dream you saw a man sitting in a wheelchair, you will receive serious injury.

French dream book

An interesting interpretation is given by French dream book: it is invalid – it is a sign of your calm old age. You will be surrounded by esteem, respect and love. If you’re in the dream was a cripple, it won’t lack in material terms.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

If you see another person’s disabled, that means someone is waiting for your help and support. If crippled himself was a dreamer, he faces the difficulties of life or serious illness.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you dream you saw a man with no legs, uses crutches, you will be left without a livelihood. Your financial situation will be so terrible that without assistance you will not be able to establish their financial Affairs. If in the dream you are the wife or husband of a disabled person, you are in big trouble at work. To see blind men – you will regret that time did not know what I was dealing with a cunning and sly person.

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