To see treason in your sleep

Betrayal – what could be more painful and more painful? Sleep often acts as the embodiment of our fears and worries, so often can dream about you cheating and betraying a loved one. It is necessary to understand which could mean like night vision.

What dreams cheating

What dreams cheating

Dream Meridian

If a young person dreams of infidelity – waking relationship with her will be very strong and trusting.

Also, this dream can mean distrust and suspicion of the guy. Should cease to be tormented with doubts – a favorite you will not betray.

Cheating in a dream girl symbolizes her fear of losing his mate.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Had a cheating husband points rather than on family problems and conspiracies and envy your marriage.

If you dream you have resisted the temptation, in fact, will be successful in all endeavors.

If you have decided on treason, it promises difficulties in life.

Lunar dream book

If the dream of adultery, the reality of be careful with fire. Such a dream warns of the danger of fire in the house.

The Interpretation Of E. Tsvetkova

According to the esoteric dream book, cheating is a bad character. You do not have enough perseverance and will power to cope with adversity.

Cheating husband in a dream indicates his secret impure thoughts.

To unsubscribe from infidelity in a dream – a sign of self-sufficiency and confidence.

Erotic dream book

Cheating husband in a dream – a symbol of the imminent changes in life.

The man dreams of adultery as a sign of his unwillingness to accept life’s circumstances or the basis of his internal changes.

If you dream that the wife commits adultery, then you do not believe in themselves and doubt the correctness of the choice of a life partner.

The wife sees his infidelity as a reflection of the fatigue from everyday worries and failure in terms of career.

If the dream man «go left», then in reality you can’t accept advice or obey the pressure, and offended at her husband.

Interpretation Of Freud

Infidelity in a dream – the reflection of such action in reality. Maybe you haven’t committed this act, but deep down, I think, suddenly to commit an act of infidelity.

If you dream that you are changing, then actually you are very complexed and do not trust your second half. You should fight your fears, otherwise you can lose love.

Your affair in a dream indicates sexual frustration and the desire to diversify personal life.

Adultery with a stranger marks a fling in reality.

To change the other – a symbol of your insecurity in the fortress of a love relationship.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

The psychic claims that to dream of infidelity signifies worries and problems

To commit treason promises deliverance from sorrow and joyful meeting.

Interpretation Vanga

A dream about her husband’s infidelity predicts that soon you will be subjected to a humiliating prosecution.

Infidelity symbolizes a big fight or a breakup in reality.

A man sees himself in a dream with another woman at work, troubles, and conflicts.

Women’s dream book

Dreams of treason – what? The girl dreams of betrayal in a sign of the complex nature and quarrelsome. It should curb your temper with the one you love, otherwise the relationship will come to an end.

Cheating often dream about the critical moments in life and despair.

The infidelity of the beloved is a sign of cooling to you.

Cheating in a dream indicates mental suffering in the past. You already cheated, so now you are afraid to be betrayed.

A modern interpretation

Strong relationships and good luck in your personal life – what dreams of cheating on your husband.

A woman sees in a dream the adultery of her husband – in reality she should be protected quarrels and misunderstandings. Be calm and cool at work and at home – please be approach will save you from trouble.

Love dream interpretation

Seduction of a young man in a dream promises big changes in my personal life. You may file for divorce for the sake of a new relationship.

If you are married, but incorrect in the dream, the reality will be sexually active with many men. In the end you will make the right choice and stay with one.

To understand what dreams of cheating husband, you need to sort out their feelings. This dream always signifies change, it typically refers to internal fears and insecurities. Trust your favorite, because suspicion and jealousy can destroy your relationship strong.

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