The image in the dream

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

Through contemplation of the divine icon of a dream in reality wait for the ordeal, which will fall to your lot in the near future.

To dream of the image of man, or divine countenance? That it could mark, talk various interpreters of dreams.

To dream image

To dream image

Esoteric dream book

When you saw the image in the dream, who has previously met on icons or in books, you should be very careful, because you may be provided some kind of negative impact. Such faces in a dream indicates communication with demonic creatures, under whose influence you can be.

Definitely worth mentioning left from this man’s life – that’s what dreams the image of the dead man. When have you seen a dead person, remember that the dead can remind myself about. If you dreamed this dream, you must call the Church to the priest, tell him about the dream and order a ceremony of prayer. Remember that seeing a dream with the image of a lifeless man may inaugurate a future series of misfortunes and bad events, so it is important to remember the close relatives of the dead and help their souls to calm down.

Saw unfamiliar way – to make sure you fall under the negative influence of decadent mood and the destructive tendencies of a religious nature. Should be afraid to meet new people, it is necessary to study the person with whom you have recently met. To protect yourself and others from trouble, don’t get too close to let into your life now friend.

When I had seen in the dream the image of God, wait prosperous life. But the Holy faces that appear in dreams do not always predict something positive – we know that through them communicate with the sleeping creatures from the other world, which could portend a man and troubles.

Ukrainian dream book

To see in what way predicts future love.

Beheld the image on the wall – wait for the happy events in your life path.

Kissed in the dream image will have a special patience.

I had to buy the image of the divine face in the near future discover valuable property or own housing.

Prayed before the icon – nothing, waiting for something.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

When in a dream you saw a way previously unknown person, should not in reality be exposed to different beliefs regarding the entry into a sectarian organization.

If in the dream the image of someone you know, know that you are under its adverse effects, so it is important to draw conclusions about relationship with him.

Contemplation of the icon of the face in the dream is a warning sign that says that we must be cautious in your daily Affairs.

Dream Interpretation Caratula

When in the dream you beheld the image of a Holy man, wait in real life for profit, prosperous life and honoring your successes.

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