What a dream in which you see the ice?

Most often the ice dream to some misfortune that can happen to you or loved ones. In rare cases, it symbolizes joy or luck.

Ice in a dream

What does it mean to see ice in a dream

Women’s dream book

The ice dream – your enemies will cause you a lot of trouble. If in the night the dreams you saw a piece of ice which floats with the current of a pure river, your quiet life will end in envious eyes. The importance of the dream in which you walk on a frozen pond. This suggests that it is not necessary to change the dubious pleasure of losing respect among others. If in the dream the man was eating ice, drinking cold water with ice cubes or sucking on a ice cube that he is sick.

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dream you catch a glimpse of the glacier that descends from high rocky mountains, your love will slowly fade away.

The American dream

To walk on thin ice in the dream – the be at risk. You will find yourself in a difficult situation where you will be surrounded by envious people. If in the dream you slip on the icy surface of the pond, so you don’t feel the Foundation under the other, don’t know what to build.

Imperial dream book

To break the ice, melt it and melt water to drink – to get out of a difficult impasse.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of ice, and safely move it is a good sign. If the ice broke or cracked, it portends future trouble with health. Go in the cave in the ice – you will be in danger. Be careful and think several times before doing something.

If you dream you see yourself among the huge blocks of ice, you have to overcome serious obstacles. What a dream to fall through the ice in the hole – a danger even to life. Such a dream can still say that your feelings will prizreni. In response you will receive misunderstanding and deception.

Interesting interpretation has a dream in which you go on the ice in the summer. In your life there’s a change. If in a dream he saw the iceberg, pay attention to what you eat. You may occur a disorder of the digestive tract.

French dream book

Unlike other dream books here the interpretation of a dream in which the person saw the ice is favorable. Such a dream promises you a long-awaited and happy meeting.

The Dream Miller

If you dream you are bathed in the icy water, be prepared for the fact that your good time will be abruptly interrupted. To see a lot of icicles on the roofs – to the deterioration of health or to poverty and ruin.

Esoteric dream book

To see broken ice – a bad sign. Your peace will be destroyed. If you saw the person who eats the ice means that you are interested in the subject will be to you cold.

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