What a dream in which you eat ice cream?

This sweet treat from childhood, bought in honor of well made action, a symbol of fun and celebration. But its cold and melting are the two minus signs, which in the dream will tell you that all Hobbies can quickly go, but to the good old ways will be cut off.

dream ice-cream

To dream that you eat ice cream

Women’s dream book

A dream in which the dreamer is eating ice cream, promises successfully completed case. Can be safely taken for the implementation of the plan. If it has melted – unfortunately not to avoid disappointment. If ice cream is happy to absorb children prosperity and joy will become lifelong companions of the dreamer.

To buy ice cream in a dream – a symbol of impending joy, pleasure. For someone to financial stability.

If a guy is buying ice cream and gives her knowidea, he has to her the warmest feelings, but is too shy to hint about them.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

Eat ice cream in a dream – means that you should listen to the health. Perhaps this is a hidden signal to the body about a developing a cold or sore throat. Carelessness can lead to disease, which will disrupt the pleasant fun stuff planned.

Chocolate ice cream – to the dubious pleasures. The desire to escape from the monotony of everyday life or a permanent relationship can bring temporary satisfaction and to destroy the stable happiness which is experiencing at the moment is not the best period.

Dreamed of ice cream cones – before the boredom in your life (personal or professional). Melted away, alas. Too cold, even frozen ice, see the joys, the desire always to receive from life the best. But we must not forget prudence.

Erotic dream book

What a dream to eat ice cream, prompt and interpreter of intimate desires. It is a sign of violent erotic novel. But not without betrayal. As someone who will try to train horns – partner lady or she will be particularly windy, time will tell.

Sometimes eating ice cream couple can be the harbinger of a lasting relationship. But as soon as you need to check your feelings, and not to plunge into the whirlpool of passion.

Ice cream fell from the hands of snovideni at the feet of the guy (or with him) – to the disappointment. The young man opens his eyes to his companion and her cold nature.

The Dream Miller

What dream of buying ice cream, and tell the psychologist Miller. He claims that this dream hints at a light pleasant affair. Tilting the ice cream when a loved one is a scientist, by contrast, interprets as disappointment in a loved one. But if this is love, then all can be adopted.

Culinary dream book

If the dreamer dreamed that he was eating ice cream, then soon there will be a meeting with a hot lover (lover). Passionate holidays will leave memories for a lifetime.

With frosting, to the revelation of the mystery. Chocolate of the fleeting affair. Fruit and compliments. Tasteless – some of the environment shows itself in the best light, it is necessary to look.

The dreams of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Melted ice cream – a sign that we should not miss the turned up point to become happier or richer. Too cold treats up to arrogance and rashness. You also need to keep the throat.

But if in life something is missing – you can treat yourself to a purchase.

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