What does it mean to see the house in the dream

Many house associated with protection, support and kindness. But psychologists claim that housing in a dream – a symbol of man’s inner world, the personification of problems requiring solutions. What is the dream versions of the various interpreters?

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What a dream house

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

To see myself inside an empty house – a sign of future problems to deal with which will help just family.

If the dream as you are busy with the housework, then wait for the arrival or appearance of the child.

To dream the house of sand is a symbol of the fragility of routine work.

In the dream, the repairs done by family members or neighbors, and you just watch – in reality will have difficulty making important decisions.

The building with an expensive repair in my sleep promises the chance to realize your dream.

If you think that you are the owner of the old house, then be careful: actually you can quarrel with loved ones.

Dream of a terrible laughter of the house – be prepared to endure the prejudices of a superstitious person.

It is not strange, but the sale of your household items at auction in a dream – a symbol of great wealth and prosperity.

Interpretation D. Lofa

In the book of dreams psychologist dream home to life changes, loss of stability or of rapid career growth.

Housing, full of people, sign your restless inner world, the hectic search for a way out of problems.

Flying home refers to taking unpredictable decisions.

Destroyed house – a bad dream. He promises a move, divorce or even serious sickness.

To build housing dreams to success at work or in your personal life.

Dream Meridian

To see his father’s house in a dream means joy and luck. If he’s in bad shape – be prepared for routine and minor problems.

Treachery and betrayal – that’s what you dream of someone’s house on fire.

Look for your old house and finding a symbol of confidence in the people who previously seemed to be honest.

Leave a childhood home in a dream means the collapse of your plans and hopes.

To see a deceased relative comes to your house – a sign of the illness of loved ones.

Housing in fire and smoke dream to losses.

If you dream you are sweeping the floor of the house, then wait for the imminent arrival.

If the roof of the housing will fall on your head in your sleep, beware of serious diseases complete medical examination.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

By dream spirituality house – a sign of danger.

To wash the floors in the apartment – the warning about the death of a loved one.

Housing on the mountain or over a cliff in a dream promises old age alone.

Stay in the house could symbolize trouble and gossip of envy.

Ukrainian dream book

If in the dream you crumbling wall of the house, then in reality you may fall in trouble.

If before the wedding a girl dreams, she builds a house, the marriage will be successful and happy.

Hurricane ripped off the roof of the house in the dream, beware of natural disasters.

Burning house dream to theft of property.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

If during sleep you have no housing, then in reality be prepared to resist the onslaught of failures and losses.

Death or serious illness – that’s what dreaming of a new home.

The girl leaving home in a dream promises the machinations of gossip and envy.

Abandoned house – the prediction of unfortunate events.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

To cover the roof housing the sign of loss and failure in the work.

Sale dream to improve the material well-being.

House with a Golden roof dream to dishonest against you.

New home dream boy as a symbol of fun attractive girl.

Interpretation Zhou-Gong

If in the dream the house was swaying from the wind, the reality of the get ready for an early move.

Give your home a lease – to promotion.

Empty house in a dream warns of death.

Repair of the old hut dream for happiness and health.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

The renovated house is a symbol of disclosure of all your secret sins.

The destruction of the walls of the apartment promises disputes with neighbors.

Interpretation Vanga

Cozy house dream as a symbol of family prosperity and realize dreams.

To see a mansion – in reality all troubles will pass, there will come a white stripe.

Someone’s house in a dream – a sign of big changes in life.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Warm and cozy house in a dream symbolizes your tender love.

Cold and uncomfortable housing dream as a sign that your feelings for the beloved long gone.

Neat and tidy house in a dream indicates harmony in your sexual relationship. Dirty and destroyed, the sign your intimate dissatisfaction.

The Interpretation Of Nostradamus

If in the dream your house the hordes of cockroaches, the reality beware of the machinations of enemies.

If you dream that you go into someone’s house you invade the personal space of a stranger.

A house without a roof symbolizes the helplessness of the other. Your support and participation will help him get out of problems.

Housing with broken Windows and no doors – the prediction of serious illness or death.

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