Dream comes house: dream interpretation

Most often, the presence in the dream house is manifested in the breath, a touch. In his interpretation of such dreams are connected with family, house or lifestyle of the sleeping man.

What a dream house in a dream?

What a dream house in a dream?

Dream Book Of Veles

Brownie in a dream – to trouble. Dream book warns that the owner of the house dies.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Your mood is thoroughly spoiled by some random event, if the dream comes house.

Had a brownie? Your loved one requires your attention. Otherwise there can be unpleasant consequences.

Communication in dreams with the family predicts an interesting adventure. Life will become more interesting.

Misunderstanding will occur if you dream that chased a house from your home.

Esoteric dream book

Dream house – so the family will have children. Can appear and animals. If you have somewhere to go and had a brownie, you’ll be home soon.

Spring dream interpretation

If you talked with the family, your family are coming ordeal.

Summer dream

In this dream the house is associated with future misfortune.

Autumn dream interpretation

Get some news, if house saw.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Good luck to the house where sleeping is a dream house. Trouble and luck will be on your side.

The house embraced you in a strange house? Change the place of residence.

You scared in the dream house – you are not sure in your opinion about relatives, can’t trust them and is afraid of possible mistakes.

It is necessary to take additional measures while in public places, if you dream that house get up to mischief.

Trying to catch a house, so the work that you have to do will be extremely uninteresting and boring. In addition, you will have to repay the dissatisfaction of the companions. Prudence and thrift would be superfluous.

If the house took the form of embracing you husband, life in a pleasant change. Will remain for a long time. You should enjoy this turn and get pleasure from it.

A woman dreams that the house wants to protect her. You should not ignore this dream. Think, maybe your sexual partner is cheating on you.

Mutual understanding and good relations you loved, if you dream that brownie kisses.

A happy and strong family you will be able to create, if you had fun and good brownie. With relatives, you can build a good and strong relationship.

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