What a dream Dorm room: dream books interpret

Dream hostel is interpreted as a harbinger of the arrival of relatives or a large number of guests. Most likely, you will find a fun holiday, as in the days of student life. But the meaning of dreams can vary greatly depending on the dream situation.

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What a dream residence: downers know everything

Living in the dorms

Are you tired of constant noise and communication with other people. Your soul craves peace and quiet, so you should spend a weekend at home alone or outdoors.

Perhaps in the near future you’ll encounter difficulties, you will have to make difficult decisions. Don’t despair, as after overcoming of a black strip of your life will only get better and better. Your actions during a crisis situation will bear fruit.

Also, you may find that you get your own permanent accommodation.

To move out from the dormitory to the apartment

In the past you did wrong. The surrounding will soon forget about your offense, but you won’t be able to get rid of the remorse. This will be a lesson for the future, and will further warn against such actions.

To move into the Dorm

Your desire to change your life for the better while will be in vain. Soon you will get the very best offer which can relate to any area of your life – relationships with loved ones or family, work or personal achievement.

If the settlement was particularly noisy, you will have to solve some vital issues, they can be associated even with real estate. Be careful, as the surrounding in this situation will try to prevent you in making the right decisions and do harm. Evil intentions can come even from family and long time friends.

You went home, but was in the hostel

Such a dream promises significant changes and unusual meeting new people, which will greatly affect the course of your life.

According to the dream book, the Dorm room may be differently interpreted depending on the gender of the person who sees the dream. If the woman instead of her house had a room with lots of beds, she will meet her life partner and successfully marry. Man will succeed in the workplace, he may even be appointed to a higher position.

To be with one in a Dorm

This dream foretells that soon you will have a pleasant acquaintance. You will find new friends or friends who will be with you very long.

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