What dreams hospital dream interpretation

If a person was lying in a dream in the hospital, it does not always mean that it will root in reality. The interpretation depends on the circumstances that were in the dream.

Sleep hospital

What does it mean to dream of a hospital

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream in which appears the hospital – in most cases a sign of something bad and unpleasant. If in the dream the person is in the hospital, this means that it will soon be experiencing a big upset. As a variant – it will be much to worry about their inappropriate behavior. If you dream you were in hospice, so, in reality, a man really needs your support and waits until you give him a helping hand.

The Dream Miller

To dream of a hospital and leave her – a good sign. You will be able to safely get rid of enemies and hostile to people who want to harm you. If you were in a dream in a psychiatric hospital, you expect difficulties, severe emotional tension. If you visited the sick, wait for bad news.

Esoteric dream book

If a man had the facility, he may find the interpretation in esoteric dream book. The hospital can mean a lot. If you were a doctor there, so, in reality, you have to solve unnecessary other people’s business. If you have visited a patient, expect that you will soon be asked for help, or an important service, and you will not be able to refuse someone who asks. If you were in the hospital in a dream, you need more rest, not to provoke the occurrence of the disease.

Get into the dream into hospice – a warning of the coming exhaustion. You need to be careful and eliminate all the factors that can threaten health. But if you went there to visit an old friend, rejoice: you will be able to take its rightful place among the prosperous people.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

If the person was in the hospital in the dream, it means that he is afraid of death, loneliness and disease. Such a person should surround with care, love and pay more attention to him. If you watched your own admission and was in the hospital in a dream, then you are missing a caring family, you feel lonely and unwanted.

Dream Interpretation Lofa David

Lying in the hospital in the dream and do not have the desire to leave means that the person cannot confront the world, he needs the support, love, care and compassion. If in the dream in the hospital you can not get from doctors appropriate care and treatment, it is a sign that you are not able to meet their needs properly.

Family dream book

If you see yourself in the hospital, take care of your health. Maybe you happen to get sick.

The dream dictionary from A to z

The disease can be prevented. If you dream that you are injured, got to the hospital and lying in hospital, this is a serious sign. Think about what you need as quickly as possible to move on to a healthy lifestyle.

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