See the hose in a dream interpretation dream books

The hose is a relatively recent invention of mankind, and therefore the explanation of dreams can be found only in modern dream books. Moreover, the meaning of the interpretation is very different. It and is clear: on the one hand, a hose similar to a coiled snake rings, and therefore, can be a sign of a lurking human negativity. On the other is a source of water, living water, power and success. To anyone who wants to understand the meaning of such a dream will have to think carefully and to compare different sources.

the hose in my sleep

What seems the hose in my sleep?

Spring dream interpretation

As he should be by name, claims that to dream of a hose means a harbinger of the beginning of the season of garden work, not surprisingly – one of the symbols of this season this item is. Also it says the hose dreams in order to foretell us the beginning of the big home – repair, rehabilitation, relocation and the like.

Idiomatic dream book, remembering the contents of a phrase with the youth jargon, assures that the hose is predicting the imminent occurrence in our life a situation where the most prudent course of action would be «to pretend to be a hose», that is, to pretend to be indifferent, uncomprehending, so we can see the hose in my sleep.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

The modern interpreter of dreams water hose, coiled rings, treated in such a way that a person will have to work very hard if he wants his career has been a noticeable improvement. Also it symbolizes that sleeping will be meeting with people who would seek to use it for their own purposes, and therefore, he should not engage them in any close relationship. The water that pours out of the hose, foretells a speedy marriage to the one who sees such a dream. However, it will be a marriage solely on the cost of meeting with a romantic love of your life should not count.

Summer dream reminds all who dream of a hose that laziness is the mother of all vices, and therefore they should not be too passive in the pursuit of their goals, otherwise they will remain out of reach.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

High head water jet spurting out of the hose, symbolizes energy and vitality, overwhelms the person. If he sees himself in a dream to throw anything from a hose, so it is capable of solving many problems that he still considered excessive for himself. Be bold, don’t be afraid to take risks – all will be exactly as you want.

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