Something to dream horse

What a dream horse? This noble animal is associated with power, will and power.

What a dream horse

What a dream horse

Universal dream

The position of the rider is always better than the person standing on the ground.

From the emotions that overwhelm you in the dream depends on the interpretation of the dream. No horse carries you where it wants? This is a very important point.

If you are riding a horse, then your forward movement will be victorious and rapid.

Under you working your horse? Or maybe cross-country? The dream will show the status of your cases.

Dark horse – should carefully examine their positions.

Note the condition of hooves. Lost horseshoe encourages you to be ready to protect its territory. Losing a Shoe, you can lose everything.

Family dream book

What you dream of white horse? The dream predicts a happy meeting nice people, good friendships. But this is only the case if you ride on a white horse.

A dirty horse is a vain trust. Envy, perhaps even cheating won’t make you happier.

Bay horse – desires will be satisfied. But the woman should break up with the annoying fan.

Crow horse business result is guaranteed, but all of a sudden you will be disappointed in the job they do. To life well being – participation in exciting races.

The horse is restless, kicking? Heading to the goal, you will encounter obstacles, difficulties.

Bitter news to dream of a dead or wounded horse.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

Sat on horse – hope will be implemented. Got off it – it could worsen the situation.

Before getting married dream went into the house horse.

To dream horse, a white horse is to marry. All things settled well.

Esoteric dream book

Do you think that future punishment is unfair. He saw the dead horse. The dream hints that you can avoid retribution.

Dream Meridian

Dream horse – what is it? Beware of lies from someone close.

Met in the way of the horse, so you will have a reliable defender, maybe even a Savior.

Your desire to have children will indicate sleep, where you as rider.

Oriental dream book

Unhitch the horse? Will have to reconsider their family responsibilities. Knowing that the seller is a fraud, you still buy a horse in a dream – to losses.

Luck will come if you left yourself a nice thoroughbred horse, and that, worse, sold.

Success is guaranteed, if moved through the crystal stream. Looked at the dark water, your joy will overshadow the unpleasant event.

Clean yourself up a horse or see how busy someone else – a dream foretells on the path to prosperity the trials and hard labor.

Left horse may benefit my miss. Young people often see horses in a dream-for the upcoming marriage.

Very good dream for creative professionals and businessmen, if they are engaged in the decoration of the tails and manes of the horse.

The dream dictionary from A to z

To harness is to lose a loved one.

Will be able to demonstrate professionalism and talent, if I saw myself flying on a Troika in the snow on a sled? Such occasion.

Ride in the crew – luck is in the details. Sturdy harness in a dream – the fulfillment of desires.

Saw an old harness and torn – trouble will bring your rash conclusions and actions.

The closest person will be offended if I saw a horse whose mane to the ground.

Tail to the ground, not wanting to hurt someone. All in the past, when the horses tail cut off.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Favorable and steep changes will occur, when he took the reins of the horse, and she obeyed.

In the women’s surroundings on horseback gallop – dependent and you do not know yourself, what you want.

The girl rides the horse beneath him crow – randomness favors the accomplishment of desires.

Admired well-shod horse? Dream guarantees: there will be the most loyal friend forever.

The girl’s dream lover is riding behind her. Successful fans. A pleasant and useful conversation.

The man brings jealousy if you dream that the rider scared.

What a dream herd of horses? Business partners act in concert. Business is booming.

To see the parched land, the pasture – to have true friends, but the poor.

What a dream horse with a foal? Foal in a dream – to joyful hassle associated with the birth of a baby, to the guests.

Colt sucks horse – a dream promises a significant change, independence, respect.

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