Dream horn-a dream interpretation

Horns in the folklore of various peoples and modern humans rarely have a positive emotional coloring. They are often associated with the dark forces, devilish, something demonic, as well as betrayal and infidelity. Often, however, the way we treat all items and things in real life, quite the opposite is treated by the interpreters of dreams. What does it mean to dream of horns?

Horns in a dream

Horns in a dream

Gypsy dream book

The horn according to the interpretation of this source is a good sign. If you dream you behold them on the head, this signifies a greater power, victory over his enemies. To see them in the mind of someone else symbolizes the failures and problems, who had a dream. Rog aggressive animals such as the bull, with a good night’s sleep, predict the dream the pride, courage, wrath or punishment.

A modern dream book

This source interprets a dream in a dream horns in different ways. To see them, predicts infidelity. If you drink wine from the horns, this dream signifies good health and longevity. If you had a fight with a bull, it says about disputes, disagreements, conflicts and quarrels with a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

According to the interpretation of this dream horn predict infidelity. To dream of a man with horns is a bad sign, presaging a worsening reputation, surrounded by ill-wishers.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to the interpretation of this predictor antlers in a dream signify in reality a quarrel with a loved one without hope of a settlement of the conflict. If night vision you found the horn, it promises good luck or a long-awaited meeting with a loved one. If the dream grew horns or you’re trying to stab, it speaks of the imminent fulfillment of a wish, which, however, requires persistence and effort on your part.

Dream Interpretation Longo

This interpreter explains the dream in which the sleeper sees himself with horns on his head, the presence of anxiety that the relationship with the beloved can stop. A soothsayer advises to discard the dark thoughts saw this dream and focus on how to strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend. You need to be not only a good sexual partner, but also a reliable friend.

Dream interpretation-2012

According to the interpretation of the horns — a symbol of masculinity and fertility. Accordingly, it is seen horn promises stability and prosperity. To dream of a hunting horn suggests that you will need to decide on something important.

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