What dreams herring

It’s hard to find a man who does not like to eat salted herring. It is rich in various vitamins, essential trace elements. What dreams herring?

what dreams herring

What dreams herring?

Summer dream

Herring in a dream means financial problems, trouble at work. To handle it, immediately consult a doctor, since health will soon be shattered. You may need surgical intervention.

Spring dream interpretation

Seen in a dream that is cut herring – don’t buy into the hype. Can pretend that I agree with everything, also enter in conflict with friends. Soon the situation will be resolved, and your restraint will be the key to your good reputation.

Autumn dream interpretation

According to the prophesies the autumn herring – to the welfare loss. To cut herring on Board – stop worrying, to experience. The pangs of doubt and unrest can lead to a nervous breakdown. Ask for help to relatives, they will not leave you in the lurch.

Women’s dream book

Herring in sleep to problems with finances. With the help of friends and family, also by his zeal, hard work, will be able to avoid large losses.

The Dream Miller

To dream of salted fish – problems related to finances. To solve the pressing issues will have to invest a lot of effort and diligence. As a result, you successfully solve the problem and regain the lost. Also herring dream as a reminder that the debt must be repaid, no matter how difficult it was not. To dream of herring without head – your intuition is enviable. To feast on herring in oil and onion – do not worry, all troubles will leave and you will again be satisfied with life. Everyone’s favorite dish «herring under coat» dream to the paperwork. You need to carefully prepare for the solution of problems, otherwise you can lose the accumulated wealth. Herring with caviar promises unexpected guests, meeting with old friends. Herring Bank – of anxiety, doubt, longing, nostalgia.

Esoteric dream book

Sleep eating herring – your actions will be reckless, careless. Soon you will bitterly regret it. To catch herring in their nets – beware of temptation and deception, your enemies have already been arranged for you network. Also, the dream means that the temptation of false information about the big paycheck and invested Finance in in advance unprofitable enterprise. Someone buys herring – will become a victim of fraud. Treat someone with a herring yourself a deceiver will do against a good man and a despicable act. Misdeeds will come back to you like a boomerang, and will bitterly pay for deceit.

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