Which symbolizes the dream of a herd of horses?

Horse herd includes quite a large number of individuals, so in dreams it symbolizes the society. And for sleeping it is a symbol mostly positive. How to interpret a dream about the herd?

dream herd

A herd of horses in a dream: basic values

Summer dream

To see a herd of horses in a dream – a good sign: it suggests that the dreamer blends harmoniously with the society in which he lives: his love in the family, they value at work, at home or in the service there are no conflicts, and in the near future it is waiting for the success and material prosperity.

The more horses, the more true friends of humans. If he runs a herd of magnificent horses dream of a young girl – well, such a dream could wish for any bride, because it is quite fast and very happy marriage. But when in the dream of «home» the horse runs from one person to herd the «savages», it’s not very good: possibly a loved one is seriously ill.

The Dream Miller

The herd, this is the dream: if a man rides in the herd of horses behind him, which means that it is very important to prove to colleagues and superiors that his potential is large enough and not completely disclosed. And if it will notice and trust important business, he will be able to justify this confidence.

Spring dream interpretation interpreterpath the concept of «horse» as a symbol of perseverance in achieving goals and fantastic hard work that comes to the brink of workaholism.

Family dream book

If a man had a dream in which appears the horse of the herd, for a more correct interpretation it is necessary to better remember, not missing the details, because the meaning of the dream depends on them.

So, the white horse, having a white stripe in life: you will find many joyful events. Kaur (reddish) symbolizes a long and comfortable life, but it is moral dissatisfaction.

The symbolism of black horses horses as dark as their color: in some cases, they mean good luck, the price of which may be sins against conscience; in others, illness, damages, and losses, not only financial.

But horses in apples horses grey – absolute profit: sleeping, most likely, expects the new high-paying job or a higher salary at old posts.

Sleek horses – a happy dream: are you happy in business, you have many true friends, and you are always guaranteed the support of the second half in any endeavor.

Horses are dirty and sick dream, of course, to something unpleasant. Family dream book says that to see a herd of horses – it may be hidden jealousy that leads to betrayal of a trusted person and who is considered a reliable friend, or the machinations of open enemies.

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