What dream flock?

Popular dream books interpret the herd, seen in a dream, as designations of the material side of life. Depending on the storyline of the dream and its nuances animals can mean future financial prosperity or monetary loss. Sometimes this sign heralds the end of a long work or good news.

The herd had a dream in a dream dream interpretation

The herd had a dream in a dream dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Domestic animals grazing in a meadow pave the way to financial well-being.

If you’re a shepherd, you are waiting for failures caused by excessive complexes and baseless fears.

If you feed a herd, attackers can hurt you, beware.

French dream book

Herding in a dream – soon you will be able to complete the difficult job. The results will give you cash welfare or authority in the team.

If you dreamed that you have a lot of cattle, you will find financial success.

Dream signs

If night dreams you appeared in the meadow where grazing many cows or sheep, soon you will receive a lot of money.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To dream of a herd is slowly but surely going to riches in reality.

If in dreams animals are very active, you risk to succumb to the General ideas and to blend in with the crowd.

If cattle are, on the contrary, calm and passive, you will find a harmonious life without worries and conflicts.

If the herd is heading in your direction, you should be cautious and not to succumb to the impulses of passion.

The Russian dream book

A flock of sheep in a dream – a harbinger of new relations that will not bring you any good.

Dream Jose

Animals, grazing peacefully in the meadow pave the way to financial prosperity and personal happiness.

If you act as a shepherd, thoughtless acts can lead to trouble.


Interpretation of a dream depends on which animals you imagined.

Blood – a sign of financial well-being. If you see them peacefully eating grass in a meadow, you move to riches.

Pig is an unfavorable symptom that may warn you of possible «swinish» behavior of relatives or friends.

Sheep is also not a good sign. In the near future you will have to fight with people’s prejudice, stupidity and limited.

Wild animals portend a new experience, an interesting experience, which you will receive in the near future. The dream calls for caution, especially if you’re dreaming of beasts of prey.

If you think that you run herd, you might encounter danger. Set your house in order and take the necessary precautions.

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