What is dream heels?

A sharp ring in a dream – a symbol of the lateral thinking and ability to withstand any of life’s challenges. A thorough analysis is seen to get a clue. Only in this way will become clear, what dreams similar shoes.

what dream heels

What dream heels

A modern dream book

The woman had heels in real life can get in the ridiculous position. From what has happened, she will be very embarrassed. Chunky heel in a dream means a strong family and friendships, well-being at work, and a slim, stiletto heel speaks of a hidden envy of her best friend.

Women’s dream book

Shoes with high heels in a dream suggests that you want to radically change their fate, if the Shoe has a low instep, then everything should remain as before. The latter option also indicates a desire to settle down, get in the rhythm of life.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Flown away heel in a dream – a harbinger of good luck. Shoes heels for women means public recognition. What dream high heel shoes man? This suggests that it has certain claims on anything. Worn heels grese, if you have accumulated a lot of things that are already pretty bored.

Dream Interpretation Freud

A woman walking in high heels, dream of a man who has different sexual fantasies. To bring them to life for him, problematic because it requires determination. The dream indicates your willingness to bold experiments. For girls dream in which she defile on the heels, means dissatisfaction sexually.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Women can stop wondering what a dream to walk in heels. Seen says that they just need to find the area or place to meet their ambitions. To escape during sleep high heels in life is to have a mismatch between your aspirations and their realization.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Store-bought high-heeled shoes grese girls to a new romantic relationship. Also, you can offer interesting work. Heel in my sleep suddenly broke – wait for discord in the relationship with a loved one.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of high heel shoes is a good sign. This indicates the aspiration for higher living status. Shoes with cleats flown away the dream, if you constantly repeat your old mistakes. Unstable hairpin can prividetsya to the risky business that is doomed to failure.

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