What a dream in which you see the heart?

The heart is a vital organ of a person, but also a symbol of love, tenderness and kindness. This method has several meanings, so should be treated with emotional and physiological point of view. Heart in a dream may appear in a visual image, a symbolic image or physical sensation (dreams palpitations, chest pain, etc.). Each dream is interpreted in different ways.

Heart in a dream

What does it mean to see the heart in the dream

The Dream Miller

Heart disease, seen in a dream, can become a symptom of the real disease. Do not ignore such visions. Perhaps they will help to detect the first symptoms of the cardiovascular system. However, if in fact the disease is not such a dream warns of huge financial and material losses or serious quarrels with loved ones.

If in the dream you are hurt in heart, be careful! Soon you will be faced with betrayal, lies, and the other worst of human nature.

You can sometimes see the bodies of animals or even has a heart – a dream with such content shows your hostile attitude and thoughts about the lack of like-minded people. In fact, the world is not set against you. It is not necessary to exaggerate the extent of the non-existent tragedy.

Dreams associated with heart operations reflect unrequited love. Sleep has for someone strong, but non-reciprocal feelings. The hurt, the anguish can affect the actual state of health.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Most often, the drawings and symbolic images of hearts, seen in a dream symbolize deception and false hope. However, it can also be a call for more decisive action. Remember that the first step is always productive of dreams.

Take the dream in hand heart in black, which gave you a warning. Perhaps you are trying to deceive people that you trust.

To dream pendant or other decoration in the form of a heart promises disappointment in love. Don’t worry about this, because excessive agitation may adversely affect health.

If you had a heart, don’t worry, it’s not always a bad sign. Maybe dreams are just warning about possible dangers. One should be mindful of the caution to check the condition and don’t get upset over nothing.

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