Had hay, dream interpretation

Hay has long been considered the Slavic magical tradition. A symbol of birth, of successfully completed work, fertility of cattle. Attribute wire man on his last journey. The hay in the dream – a good sign, hope for success in business.

What dreams hay

What dreams hay

Small dream book of Veles

Feel in a dream the aroma of hay, to the joyous event. If the smell is unpleasant, it is possible to great loss, failure, loss. To mow the high grass in the hay to harvest, put into ricks, to hunger, to disease.

Hay, assembled in stacks, symbolizes the favorable completion of hard work. Dream interpretation says: wet hay means solving the mystery. The task seemed insurmountable, will be performed.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A lot of dry grass dreaming to big profits, inheritances, bonuses. If the hay is fresh and clean, expect a happy event. Chewing in a dream straws – get ready for unforeseen expenditures, debt reduction.

Stack hay in the barn – not a good sign. In real life, the possibility of trouble, sickness, loss. Stack, scattered in the wind, warning of family quarrels in reality. Happiness in marriage is threatened.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams hay, tucked away in the stacks? Carefully collected grass portends well-being. Hard work will be rewarded. Casually folded stack of promise to the collapse of business, wasted efforts, and false calculation.

Straw man in the dream warns of deception in the relations. The person you trust is dishonest. Look closely to your surroundings. Don’t reveal emotional secrets to random people.

French dream book

Endless field with haystacks – great sleep! In reality you will find a great joy. Perhaps a chance meeting will bring vivid feelings. Expect success in love. Marital relationship stronger. Native people will appreciate the attention and care.

Rest in dreams in the hayloft? Planned vacation goes well. Ahead – calm, measured life. Storms of life will not affect your family. To dream of hay with wild flowers – before the birth of children.

Old Russian dream book

The cart carries hay in the yard, a sign of illness. Pay attention to health. Older family members need your care. Decaying stacks talking about a possible loss, poverty and hunger.

Rake up dry grass with a pitchfork – to stable prosperity. If in the dream, I stole the hay, the reality will be great profit. Stems, cut with a sickle, warn from mistakes in a relationship. Hay promises wealth, debt.

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