The hat in my sleep

Hat in a dream is an ambiguous symbol that can inform both about bad and good events and news. To better understand what dream hat, think and look at the other circumstances of the dream. If you dream you are wearing a hat, then you will have to make important, it depends only on you. Don’t be afraid of the future liability, be confident in your abilities, then you will succeed. If I take off a hat, you decide important questions that have long tormented you, and haunted.

What dreams hat dream interpretation

What dreams hat dream interpretation

Kinds of hats in the dream

If you dream of a beautiful, bright hat, soon you can expect new friends, and maybe you will find long-awaited love of his life. If you had a colorful summer hat, then you will make new spiritual friends.

Black hat dream to various troubles or infidelity of a loved one, most likely, you will be disappointed.

Straw hat – to a nice romantic encounters, one of them can lead you to the Registrar.

If you wear a masculine hat, you should roll up your sleeves, because your shoulders will fall the heavy burden, will have to do many men’s work.

Children’s hat – the good and joyful news, especially childless couples; it is possible that soon you will have a child. It also means a long and happy life. Wet hat to unexpected changes in life, should be particularly careful for those who have serious disease, get tested.

Hat in motion: dream interpretation

The hat, which takes the wind and talking about what you can expect difficulties at work, some achievements will be given with great difficulty. If you hat has been dropped, or she fell, it means that you will have a decline Finance, you will fly insults and humiliation, try this time to control myself.

To dream of a hat fell in the mud, means that soon you will move, possibly even in another city.

If you lost a hat in a dream, soon on someone much offended, or you’ll get a nasty conflict situation with a close person for you.

If you dream you see that you are buying a hat, so you have a chance to change the destiny, to try first, justify their hopes and to change the path for the better. The most important thing – to invest fully, to make more effort to accomplish your goal is a mandatory action to achieve the desired, otherwise it will not work.

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