That portends a dream about the harvest?

Large harvest from time immemorial, meant for a person great joy, and the death of the grown was one of the greatest misfortunes. Therefore, the dream books interpret dreams about the harvest in this way. But this rule, like all others, has exceptions. Thus, according to the Spring dream interpretation, dream foretells a rich harvest is his loss apparently, according to the principle «from the contrary».

sleep vroiai

That portends a dream about the harvest?

With him in solidarity and Autumn dream, foretells to the farmer who had harvest field, big trouble; that dream became a reality, he will have to fight hard with a large number of agricultural pests.

For all other interpreters of the harvest embodies unconditional positive symbolism.

Summer dream

Harvest in a dream means expecting to receive large profits from their trading enterprises.

In dream interpretation,Tarot, seen the harvest ensures a sleep that he will successfully avoid all problems financial and material prosperity is guaranteed for him.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The one who dreamed that he cultivated and harvested a big crop, can be sure that it will reach the desired goal, and his efforts will be adequately rewarded. However, if the fruits ripened in the dream, nobody to collect – it’s a bad sign: the time and energy wasted, the result will be not so joyful.

Women’s dream book

If the crop is harvested, all is well: great work, sir and, of course, get what you want. When he dies from lack of workers, so you focused in the wrong place, and they will bring you nothing but disappointment.

To collect in the dream the harvest of vegetables is good or not?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century claims that this is a bad dream, signifying tears and sadness, as well as harm, thankless task. Vegetables growing in the garden, – conceived the company is unreliable, and not worth it.

Most examines in detail the dreams of the harvest of the Chinese dream. It is important that not only the harvesting process but also what the fruits of the earth are collected.

For example, rice is a calm and prosperous life for the regime, and for his entire family, and the wheat promises many years of wealth and nobility. Collects dream millet may soon expect to receive a major gift. Soy, by contrast, portends misfortune: illness of a close and dear person. However, the Russian people have a dream to be afraid of is unlikely: few of us can boast that he saw growing soybeans – both in reality and in dreams.

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