What does it mean to dream hands dream interpretation

Long arm symbolizes power, strength and powerful energy. This sign was found in cave paintings, our ancestors had already felt the special role not only in life but in dreams. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the symbol means in a dream.

what dream hands

What dream hands

Women’s dream book

If the girl in the dream is beautiful and manicured hands, she picked the right career path and will soon achieve significant success on your easier. Deformity of hands predicts problems.

In the dream, the palm thickets of hair, wait for the appearance of strong contenders, both career and personal life.

Having limbs much greater length than in reality expect good results on the way to the goal.

Increased activity and performance – that’s what having small hands.

If the hands in the dream are linked, you wait difficulties in reality. Unleash the shackles is a good sign that you will soon solve all their problems.

Damage the palm in a dream means parting with the thing you very expensive.

To hold in your hands a fire that does not harm, is the symbol of positive results in all cases.

Severed hand portends a quarrel between loved ones or even separation.

The blood on the fingers or the palms marks the cold ones real.

If in a dream she sees their hands, soon it will break many men’s hearts.

Unfair treatment to those who care about you – that’s what having filthy hands.

Small dream book of Veles

Clean the palm having to good and pleasant conversation. Dirty and heavy physical labor.Hand washing is a symbol of liberation from the problems and worries.Megarocket also promises a lot of things and work.Lick your palm in a dream a stranger is a warning that you can get under bad influence.If you dream of the hand separately from the body, be ready to feel the moral or material damage.

The Interpretation Of E. Tsvetkov

This dream interpretation hands – a symbol of meeting your loved one, a sign of destiny.Dreaming of the right hand will be free of shipping or get a trusty assistant.Dirty man hands the girl dream as a sign of betrayal of a loved one.If you lose in your sleep limbs, then in reality you could leave someone close.Baby palm promise happiness and prosperity in the family.

Muslim dream interpretation

Dreams of a strange woman with bare hands, your property and peace are not threatened.Feeble and sore hands are a harbinger of the betrayal of loved ones.Many hands in a dream – in reality you will be doing a lot of good deeds.Hand, painted with henna – a bad dream. It promises your participation in a criminal cases.

Interpretation of black magicians

By dream wizards dirty or bloody hands mean disorders and problems.If hands tattoos, the reality you face imprisonment or a crime.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Woman dream as a sign of an imminent marriage proposal.Blood on the palms signifies a quarrel with relatives.Wounded limbs promise material damage.A dream in which you can see my husband’s hand, predicts a fateful meeting and important decisions.If you are on the hands in sleep, then wait for the execution of secret desires.Dirty, curves, and festering the hands symbolize the practice of black magic.

The Dream Miller

Well-groomed hands promise popularity and high position in the service.Burnt palms – a symbol of financial loss, when you think that nothing portends trouble.Holding hands with a loved one in a dream – a symbol that you have to go through a lot of testing side-by-side.If the girl in the dream, kissing the hands of a stranger, the reality of it must exercise caution in personal relationships.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

If you dream care unfamiliar hands, then in reality you will be able to get help from someone with good intentions.Shaking hands with the sad man promises scandal with a close friend.

Dream Interpretation Zadkiel

To keep a small child’s hand – a sign of finding solutions to difficult problems. You much work hard to make the right choice.If you feel like the dream you have itchy hand, be prepared in reality to defend their honor through physical fighting.Wet hands symbolize the imposing of the opinion. You cannot force someone to accept your point of view, so do not try.The handshake symbolized the reconciliation with the person with whom you have long ceased to communicate.Hands crossed on the chest, predictions and breakdowns.

French dream book

Friends will come to your aid in difficult situation, what dream hands.Broken brush in a dream promises illness of a close friend.Had rings on her fingers – wait for favorable changes.Swollen hand dream to prosperity and well-being.She sees his hand covered with thick dark hair, a sign that her children will grow up healthy and smart.Had a little hands – beware betrayal of friends.

Interpretation Denise Lynn

If you’re in a dream put your hands up, the reality is likely to face failure.Decoration on your wrist or finger symbolizes fast zamujestva fist in the palm of his dream to quarrels with loved ones.It should be noted that the hands in sleep is mostly a good sign. The prettier and more natural looking hands, the more favorable changes in life. Remember all the emotions that you felt in the dream. Your attitude to what they see – another important factor in correct interpretation.

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