Had a hamster, dream interpretation

Hamster – a small, friendly animal, the main feature of which is hoarding. If you saw in a dream a furry rodent, you might characteristic thrift and caution. What dreams hamster? Look at the dream books.

What dream hamster

What dream hamster

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Hamster, prividevshayasya you, symbolizes wealth.

Dream interpretation of Aesop

Hamster in a dream – a symbol of thrift, the pursuit of enrichment and even avarice.

If you had a lot of furry rodents, you will likely have to communicate with bankers or trade.

Buying of animal in the market – soon your life will be a new, very wealthy friend. You will become friends, but do not expect that he will reveal to you the secret of easy money.

If your home is infested hamster, soon you will have to change their place of residence, in your same house is situated a stranger.

Watch as the animal eats – good sign: you will find prosperity, to achieve which you do not have to make the effort.

Catch the hamster and can’t catch – you have unexpected expenses. Fault contingencies will likely be your family members.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

Had a hamster – think, do not get your obsession with accumulation and thrift within reasonable limits? Perhaps your concern turned into greed, and this quality pushes away from you even the closest people.

To dream of a hamster stuffing his cheek pouches – warning: your passion for hoarding and accumulation is out of control. You buy things in excess, most of them will never be used. Think about it, perhaps it is the obsessive desire to stock all the poisons your life.

If the beast escaped from his hands, it means that your emotions are ready to spill over the edge and take precedence over reason. Don’t make spur of the moment mistakes! If you manage to catch the beast, you will be able to pull myself together, if not, and you will not be able to regain control of the situation.

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

For women furry rodent in the dream is a harbinger of meeting with influential people in the financial sector.

See a lot of scurrying around the house animals – your wealth will multiply.

Dream hamster in hand interprets as a good sign: you will conclude a bargain, make a major purchase or receive a valuable gift.

The hamster in the cage is good luck.

To dream of a dead animal – most likely, your hopes will not come true.

The newest dream book

Saw in a dream a furry animal – you can’t make a fuss and rush the important issue.

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