What does it mean to dream of hairy legs?

what dream hairy

What dream hairy

Before you know what dream hairy limbs, the person seeing the dream, must prepare for the road. It is waiting for the trip, and from the condition of the legs, will depend on the quality journey.

To see your feet, completely covered with hair, means that you should be careful during the holidays can be trouble. Also sleep is a warning for you. To see not only the feet but the whole body is hairy – you will find yourself in a curious situation, and will be forced to admit their mistakes. Shave your legs – get ready for disappointment. All your plans and intentions will not be realized.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Beautiful, smooth and well-groomed feet – to a happy life, love, and location of close friends and family. Girls hairy legs in a dream – to be a leader. In marriage she is going to dominate the house.

Dream Interpretation Of The East

If a girl saw a dream in which she’s got hairy legs, you’d marry henpecked. Her husband had his strong hairy legs – a manifestation of selfishness, all his thoughts are a favorite. You’re too high opinion about yourself. It’s time to start paying attention to your surrounding, friends, family.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

To dream of hairy legs and be dissatisfied that you are among bad people, negative atmosphere. Sleep talking about arrogance, which affects close.

The noble dream interpretation

Wishing for this dream to know, what have hairy legs, you need to prepare for the big happiness. The owner of this dubious heritage in a dream should expect excellent prospects in life, at work, in the family. Your life will be as full Cup, it will be prosperity, success, great and strong love. If the hair on my legs is dark and thick – your happiness will never end.

Also, this dream may portend receive big cash rewards, profit, improvement in business negotiation. Curly hair on the legs – feel sexual frustration. Gray or ashy hairy feet – I think too much about old age, death. Take a break from bad thoughts, start to think about the present. You dream you are unhappy with their hairy legs, wait for the guests, annoying friends, which is difficult to get rid of.

Women’s dream book

For men to dream of hairy legs means increased career success and material well-being. If a woman sees feet, covered with red hair – pregnancy and successful child birth.

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