Had a wool – what do you mean?

What dream coat?

wool in a dream

Wool in a dream — what does it mean?

Star dream interpretation

Wool in a dream symbolizes wealth, profit and good condition. Especially good if the material dream of a Calf.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

The dreamer can see the wool in that case, if he is engaged in some important work. His work will bring wealth. A talented person will be able to understand the situation and under all circumstances to remain in abundance. Just imagine, you make yarn on a spinning wheel, which later would make a great fabric and a good thing.

The Jewish dream book

If you had wool between your family members a good relationship. Likely to improve your health. If this dream man that he intends to go on a long journey, the trip will be peaceful and will bring good luck.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If the dreamer in a dream was able to consider wool yarn, it is possible in reality multiply. He will be able to expand your horizons and interests. However, dirty hair does not promise anything good. You have to be under the influence of strangers, which you refuse to understand. Dirty wool in the dream speaks of the precarious position of the person who accepted the circumstances and no plans to change anything, despite the humiliation.

Russian dream book

Wool symbolizes good health, so when you dream something, it is necessary to remember the small details. For example, clothing can be made of wool or some interior items.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

To understand how to interpret the vision, it is necessary not only to dream of wool, but also to understand what purpose it will be used, because it can be like sheep, and spinning. If wool says about the clarity of thoughts, the need to determine the feelings, the spinning symbolizes the increasingly maternal care and warmth. There are things that man denies and does not want to admit it. It is likely that they may appear in dreams under encrypted signs. Depending on the people that surround you in a dream, and circumstances that the dream can be interpreted in different ways. In this dream pure wool speaks to the sleeping man on prosperity, the possibilities of enrichment and the methods that should not be overlooked. In any case, a warmer made of this material represent the concern of others. To more accurately understand what is happening, we need clarity of thoughts.

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