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Dream Meridian

According to the dream book, hair in a dream can mean quite different things, it is worth remembering what color they were, and give the meaning if the color was not yours. Gray hair is a sign of illness, dirty gossip behind my back. Red color – alarm about deception, deceit of others who are scheming against you. Blond hair see the wealth of large profits. If the hair color is extraordinary, for example, blue or green, it means that soon you will have a great opportunity to reach high goals, it is necessary only not to miss the chance. What dream hair is long, wholesome? For a long road trip or journey. If the dream of a girl, then the head of the family will be she, and her husband will be «under the thumb». The hair on the legs can be a warning: you may suffer through his arrogance, incorrectly interpreting the things that happen. Worth to recover. If the girl dreams of long, dark, very visible hair on the legs – to my shame, it will be subject to malicious ridicule. If the hair is cut off in a dream you – to tears, of sadness, of financial loss. If someone cut you a financial fortune. If cut hair seemed young for military service. Cut in a dream of the girlfriend so she has a grudge against you and to listen to her opinion not necessary, it is bad advise. If in the dream you found a gray hair and you roll it, you neglected someone’s wise advice.

Hair in a dream

Hair in a dream

Idiomatic dream book

Hair disheveled in a dream – fear, fear. If you are tearing your hair out – of sadness, of tears, of agony.

Dream book confident women

If you dreamed that you comb with the comb hair, in reality commit the rash act, which will long regret.

Stoke someone’s hair is good luck in your personal life, of a lover, with whom you will live happily ever after.

Had a dream: hair stacked high in a beautiful hairstyle – luckily, cloudless days.

Short hair – up to reckless spending, should be more economical.

Woven into hair flowers can position to problems, but they will not deliver much trouble.

If a man dreamed a dream his thinning hair, the fortune, there will come a hard time.

Gray hair is a bad sign unfortunately, bad news.

Ancient Slavic dream book

According to the dream book, hair is a reflection of health. Smooth – hence, in reality peace and harmony in the family. Dirty and disheveled is going to be trouble.

Gypsy dream book

Curly, shaggy and jet black hair almost to tears, failures.

Hair well-groomed, until the conclusion of the black strip in life, fast new happiness.

To see the hair in the dream is mixed, it is impossible to tell where the, and where strangers – a sign of hostility, a long painstaking work, which will not give the desired result.

To dream hair, which belong to a beautiful woman, long and shiny – to the infidelity.

If you saw a bald woman – hunger, disease, failure. A man without hair to good health, wealth.

Comb hair comb will come to the end of a complicated situation. To braid her hair to try to cover their tracks, but still go to jail.

To see thinning hair is bad, people will leave you alone in difficult times.

Dream interpretation of Aesop

What dream hair? They are the symbol of vitality, the storage of energy. In ancient times people didn’t cut their hair, because they are the higher powers and protect from the dark forces. If in a dream dreamt by a girl with fast growing hair, it means that dreams come true or will come untold wealth. Prividevshayasya curly hair to life changes, review your character. If in the sleep hair braid child – your children will delight you, in a relationship with them all will be smooth, they will be happy and respectful to you.

Smart dream interpretation

Prividevshayasya gray hair – for respect from others. To cut hair – retribution for the crime committed. Shave them a warning. You are plotting evil, but not too late to recover. In dream dream of hair teeming with lice – to poverty. Prividevshayasya thick hair – to the joyful news. If hair is on fire – wait for a big profit.

Psychological dream dictionary

Hair is a symbol of the significance, beauty, men’s grandeur and feminine elegance. Often with sleep hair – a reflection of events in reality. To see not only hair, but for your whole body to realize its importance. Messy hair, infested with fleas, the mirror negative emotions, received in reality. To dream hair unnatural colors – confusion.

Erotic dream book

See the beautiful hair in your sleep – a sign of future pleasures. You will be the center of attention, the object of sighs many potential partners. The hair is sparse and dirty – cheating partner, signal made the wrong choice. To cut their hair, to bitter tears.

A modern dream book

What dream hair? A long, healthy and thick is to have the strength and power. According to dream book, well-combed hair to good relations with other people. Rare or short-cut to poverty, of losses. Had a bald head – the sign is ambiguous. This dream could spell as big losses, and unprecedented success. Hair of unknown color – inflated self-esteem, which will not bring anything good. Dream hair blond – to peace, dark to huge profits. From sleep with chest hair – to good health, on the palms – to losses, failures.

The Egyptian dream book

To see her long hair – to the joyous events that will cause a smile on the face. Short – to the sad events, but you can’t influence their results. Still accept and wait.

Dream admirers Velez

According to the dream book, hair during sleep can be interpreted in different ways. If they are strong and grow is joy and profit. Clipped to disease, the wires of a relative or loved one in military service. Wash hair – a good sign that you will be respected. Curl them – to the imminent wedding, or your family. To stain the hair, to the contempt and shame. The hair is sparse and falls for the bad news.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If in the dream the hair on his head matted, you fail.

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