To go to the gynecologist in a dream — what is it?

Gynecologist – important female doctor. And what can dream? Tells of different dreams.

what dream gynecologist

Dream interpretation what dream gynecologist

A modern dream book

In the dream gynecologist can dream lady or man with real problems, some of which don’t even talk to native people. When the girl saw a dream with a gynecologist, so in reality she’s very worried about the relationship with the beloved. But this dream says that all fears are absolutely groundless. When a woman sees such a dream, where a female doctor was somewhat concerned about the state of her health, so, in reality, she will have to face financial problems or separations. When in a dream gynecologist behaves calmly when explicit disease lady, in reality she will be fine with health. In the dream a female doctor, who refused payment for their services, is a commemoration of the great health and success in all matters. When a man had a dream where he came to see the gynecologist, he worries about his wife’s health. And this dream can become a testimony to the fact that the man is ripe for the birth of the child. It’s time to think seriously about becoming a father.

Online dream book

You saw in the dream gynecologist – perhaps in the near future you will have health problems and some secrets from loved ones. Dreamed that you visited the gynecologist’s office, – in reality, it may happen that something was wrong.

Family dream book

To a long-awaited pregnancy is what dreams gynecologist to the woman. When in the dream the female doctor smiled pleasantly, it may also be a commemoration of a quick an interesting situation. If the doctor in the dream is not smiling, but rather has a sad look and compressed lips, in reality, there may be some health problems of the organs of procreation. When you saw in your dream visit to women’s consultation, in reality should pay particular attention to their genitals. Family people this dream symbolizes in real life, and some intimate issues which are difficult enough to discuss even with loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Freud

In the dream gynecologist symbolizes shame. Regardless of the gender of the person who had this dream, gynecologist marks the shameful body image and dissatisfaction with them. Sleep with the presence of the doctor means that a person has desires that are muted and are not declared out loud. When the gynecologist came to see you personally, in reality you want to be closer to the person you have is the soul.

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