Had a gun

Dreams in which the sleeper sees a gun, talking about his internal contradictions. Perhaps he held a grudge, or in his mind Matures cunning plan. The gun may be a dream, when man is fighting the light and dark sides, but which one will win, it is possible to assume, having examined the details of the dream. Dreams about the gun I suggest to remember, there was a sense of fear, you did, and were killed and wounded. These moments can be the key to the interpretation of the dream.

What a dream gun, dream interpretation

What a dream gun, dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

If the dream touches the gun, you hear about it or it is in the hands of other people, then you will be able to thwart someone’s evil plans. If the gun belongs to is sleeping, he should pay attention to your thoughts and throw away the crap out of your head. Shoot a gun – envy.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

  • To see – to be scared;
  • Shoot a gun in a dream – to quarrel with the family;
  • Shoot at you – you have strife and resentment.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

For men to see a gun in a dream means that he has all the power and ability to achieve the desired, for women thinking about sex with a man does not give rest. If you can shoot someone, the target is reached.

Spring dream interpretation

This interpreter defines the role of the gun in the dream as a symbol of fear. If you see the barrel of a gun are just waiting for the terrible events that can make you mental balance, so interpreterpath the vision of this dream. Shoot a gun: dream interpretation – to deal with their own fears.

Dream Interpretation Freud

In sexual relationships the gun is a sign of violence. If you shoot in a dream, so often resort to drastic measures in relations with a partner. To see the gun to the insults on you, the frustration of others in your abilities to Express feelings. The gun – tendency to aggression, you’ll have to make an effort to close have not lost faith in you.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To see a gun in a dream means that you are willing to stoop to the lowest of thoughts and actions to reach the goal. Alien gun – you have the power to overcome evil thoughts and to win. If you shoot a gun, be careful in dealing with people, chances are you will not be able to hold on to negative emotions and can make a lot of mistakes.

What were you doing with a gun?

  • To hold, to surrender to a power base feelings, go on about negative emotions;
  • Find a gun you will have to answer for someone else’s mistakes and actions, may fall down false accusations, or are you willingly take someone else’s blame on himself;
  • To hurt someone – you are surrounded by detractors.

To dream of a gun for women means that in a fit of passionate emotion she can get into trouble over the interests of loved ones in pursuit of new relations, which came to nothing lead.

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