What a dream guitar

Musical instruments that we see in nocturnal dreams have a symbolic meaning and help to foresee the future. Dream books interpret the guitar in different ways: some believe that it foretells the joys of love, while others recognize her as the symbol of new experiences and change.

Dream guitar

Dream guitar

Erotic dream book

If at night you dream igorette on the strings, you will find personal happiness: you will be dealing with a nice company, where you will find your soulmate.

If a young woman dreamed that she was playing a musical instrument, in the near future she will have to look for ways to get rid of annoying suitors.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Guitar stands for strong emotions, feelings of love and intimacy.

Smart dream interpretation

A dream about a guitar symbolizes the imminent fulfillment of desires.

Interpretation of a dream depends on how many strings had a musical instrument:

  • Twelve.

If you play on a guitar, your choice was incorrect, you do not understand a loved one. If a musical instrument plays the other man and misses notes, in three years you’ll have the chance to change lives for the better. Yet be content with what you have.

  • Seven.

If at night you dream plucked strings of such an instrument and get pleasure from the tunes, soon you will suddenly be faced with a person who had not seen for many years. This event will change your life for the next six months. If a woman dreamed that a lover plays a seven-string Serenade, waiting for her career. If the music came to her taste, to achieve the desired posts have to withstand a fight with colleagues.

  • Six.

To play guitar in my sleep, but not to be able to do this in reality – to an unexpected meeting. You can get acquainted with the man for whose sake you quarreled with relatives or leave the job. If you get beautiful melody, your new friend is born for the sake of his victims.

If instead of the professional game it is only a pitiful rattle, think about it: a new friend will cheat you.

If you enjoy the game of another person, we soon will learn information that will change your plans and force you to worry. To see how the guitar broke all six strings to get an offer of marriage.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The answer to the question of what a dream guitar, joyful news. You will experience creative growth, a surge of inspiration that will allow you to reach creative heights.

If you dreamed someone else’s guitar, chances are good that the object of your secret sympathies finally answer you back.

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