What have guests in my sleep

For many people, the meaning of dreams plays an important role. But to accurately understand what they saw, you must know all the interpretations of the dream. Especially dream in which the owner sees or meets guests.

Dream guests

To dream of guests, the dream

The dream predictor

A dream in which the host sees the guests so nervous period in the future life stage. In the future, the dreamer may be disagreements and quarrels with loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If the dreamer himself came to visit in his dream, such a dream can mean unforeseen expenses. If a person receives guests, it means a period of loneliness.

Russian dream book

Dream interpretation treats the dream with the guests as a sign of hatred from a loved one. Also, this dream suggests that the dreamer himself may incur the barrage of negative emotions from other people.

Star dream interpretation

A dream where man meets the group of guests can mean a loss in business, unexpected expenses. A dreamer in life, you may get in trouble for his company.

Small dream book of Veles

A dream where the person dreaming cheerful company, to portend someone’s death, financial loss and loss. Also, this dream means that the dreamer may soon have somewhere to go. To call for a visit means to meet a nice man. If the dreamer himself is away, such a dream means depression, a period of separation from loved ones, unfulfilled dreams and desires.

Esoteric dream book

He treats invited guests during sleep that is coming, hectic period in my life. The company, which will be a lot of noise, but not the specific cases and results. Sleep with guests portends quarrels and misunderstanding of the situation.

The Jewish dream book

This dream interpretation divides the seen dreams with guests. A dream, dreamt in the winter, can mean the death of some familiar person or theft. Sleep with guests in the spring means the emergence of severe problems and challenges in life. A summer dream, which featured guests is a sign of illness, and autumn heralds the emergence of false reports, lies.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Sleep with uninvited guests foreshadows the emergence in the life of stranger, a new acquaintance. In the dream visit – so soon to spend a lot of money on unplanned expenses. If the dreamer came cheerful guests, such a dream means that in his life there will be some happy event, if angry guests – the dreamer will want. If a person has guests in the quarrel, such a dream foreshadows gossip and discord between people.


If the dreamer wants to come to visit, it means that soon people will be spending a lot of money or to meet nice people. If a dreamer sees guests at a wedding party, then such a dream foreshadows a happy family life. When a person has guests arguing, then such a dream promises problems, frustration, misunderstanding.

Lunar dream book

Guests foretell the hatred of any person or situation.

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