Dream interpretation: to dream of grenades

Dreams – a reflection of the real life person, event, a witness or a direct participant of which he was. Some dreams, on the contrary, is a subconscious expression of our desires or hopes. Garnet, which is in the middle lane is a very rare visitor, seasonal fruit, appearing in a dream can tell a lot to an experienced person.

What dreams grenades dream?

What dreams grenades dream?

Summer dream

This interpreter ready to tell his story, which appears garnet in a dream. Two pitfalls: the first – fruit must be cut and show a bright red, juicy filling, the second is the dream man. The explanation is elegant – you need to prepare for love girl.

Autumn dream interpretation

He is silent about love, but tell me what does it mean to dream of rotten pomegranate. A fruit to disease.

Spring dream interpretation

According to the astrology, garnet says only one thing – good, obedient children who in the future will take care of their parents.

Family dream book

It all depends on who is dreaming of a succulent fruit. If his dreams of a mistress, all right, she can not worry about what kind of impression on others, they consider it highly moral to a special and wise person.

If the fruit of a dream of a young woman or girl, soon she will be tempted not to give which will be extremely difficult.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

The psychologist continues the theme of love, passion, sensual pleasure. According to his explanation, pomegranate – the symbol of temptation, to resist whom no one, even the most righteous people. Therefore it is better to relax and enjoy to the fullest. If a woman dreams that she is in a dream ate a pomegranate, it means a subconscious desire to know the passion.

One caveat – if you dream that the person is not eating a pomegranate, and cleans it, then such a dream indicates that the person is able to delay the pleasure, but only in order to warm yourself and your partner, enhance sensual pleasure.

Esoteric dream book

This interpreter also reveals pomegranate as a symbol of shared passion. If you do not eat the fruit and push the juice, then this means that a person can make a lot of stupid things, all for great feelings.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

The psychologist provides explanation of the appearance in the dream of the gemstone. The pomegranate is a symbol of order, ability to concentrate, if he had, then the person should be cautious in the near future, especially in dealing with important issues.

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