What astrology says about the graying of hair

Silver strands in your hair are not always seen as a sign of old age. If you had gray hair, how to interpret the dream?

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Dream interpretation: to dream of gray hair — what does that mean?

Family dream book

If in the dream the man saw himself gray, soon he will buy the thing that will be useless for him. If you have children and in the dream you see them ETS, they were destined to live a long life.

By dream, the gray hair of the woman to sorrow, sad reflection, loneliness. To dream, as the man turned gray, will be something that will upset you. Had a man, and he had a white beard, soon you will have to perform the role of «judges» for their home, children will grieve you misconduct.

In a dream to dye your hair gray color – want to hide something, and you will succeed.

Medieval dream book

According to medieval dream book, gray is a good sign. To see myself gray in a dream foretells financial gain, wealth, and peace of mind – in the near future trouble will not to be a pest.

A modern dream book

Notice in the dream that her hair began to turn grey, – alas, an unexpected bad news. If in the dream you paint paint a strand of white hair, success will not come to you easily, for it will have to sacrifice something.

Dreamed that his head was completely gray, your family are facing hard times, trials. To dream, as my hair turns gray on the eyes – in reality you are too anxious, need to relax and not take everything so close to heart.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

As it says in this dream, the hair gray hair is treated ambiguously. Gray hair suggests that people respect you and consider your opinion, but if the hair is small, they are short or depleted is to the disease.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To be seen in the mirror gray strand of my hair to the sad news. If in the dream the woman to cover gray hair, she wants to have success with men, perhaps she is interested in the head at work.

The man dreamed that he paints the gray hair, – for the sake of goals he will have to sacrifice their principles. In the dream your head is fully turned white for sorrow, the death of a relative. Watch as my hair turns gray, and lots of worry over nothing.

Married dream interpretation

According to the dream interpretation with the gray hair is a symbol of honor. To see a gray-haired friend – you have respect for this man. To see myself gray – would be appreciated by others.

Had a dream turns gray, will be something that will make you worry, but the experience gained will be very useful. To see a gray-haired beard – the problems, the longer the beard, the big problem.

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