What dreams grave

What dreams grave? It is believed that such a dream of deceased relatives remind us of the need to visit their final resting place at the cemetery and remember. But many authors of horoscopes do not agree with this interpretation and offer their.

What dreams grave

What dreams grave

Smart dream interpretation

To dig someone else’s grave to die. To see the cemetery where loved ones, to litigation.

Dream Meridian

If the dream concerns the burial of a loved one, for example, dreamed of the grave of the deceased mother or grandmother, then you develop a chronic disease. Saw the grave of a loved one that is suffering from ailments, – bad sign. This dream might even hint at death.

The Egyptian dream book

To be buried alive dream – to wealth and prosperity.

Small dream book of Veles

According to this dream book, a grave in a dream foretells the news from distant places. To be in it – a good sign, it predicts sudden enrichment. Dig a hole to carry the financial damage through their own fault. Looted the last refuge dream to bad news. To visit the grave of a friend – until his marriage.

Dream interpretation white mage Longo

If you dream that you work as a gravedigger, this is a great sign. Catch the moment of luck. Go through the cemetery and fell into a newly dug hole – learn about neighbors and friends something new and very important. Old, crumbling cemetery of a dream of reconciliation with the foe. Mass grave dream to rumors and deception.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This interpreter explains what dreams grave. If it is well maintained, colors to success with the opposite sex. Only looted, empty pit dream to diseases and failures. Even to see myself buried is to profit, and it will be higher in mound hill. And the grave is on the war memorial – to unfading glory.

The Dream Miller

You find in the dream, half buried in the grave, and in her acquaintance. This dream foretells danger to your friends. Look at your monument is to reveal the impending conspiracy against you. Dig a hole for burial in the dream – so in reality you have hard opponent. But if you have time, not waking up, to complete his work, defeat a competitor.

Favorite people will turn away from you, if you see in the dream, the empty tomb is missing from her corpse. Very bad sign – to see in the night slumber a wedding in a cemetery near the graves. This means that one of the newlyweds dies in the crash.

Women’s dream book

Usually dreams about graves talking about possible misfortunes and diseases. The girl walking through the cemetery – to an unhappy marriage. Reading in dreams the names of the deceased, epitaphs? You will be disturbed by the troubles.

In the dream to see his grave – a fatal change in the destiny. A warning dream: someone was just buried. This portends danger, says the possibility of suffering. Overgrown cemetery to find the direction of life’s journey. To identify it will help a wise new friend.

Ukrainian dream book

This dream tells us what dreams the grave of a deceased relative or friend. A visit to these graves – before the marriage. To be yourself in a hole – problems in business, at work.

Esoteric dream book

If you are someone bury, then bury their talents in the ground. To be in the pit yourself – to be inherited.

Persian dream book

If dreams took you to the cemetery, it warns about possible financial troubles. Not a very good sign to dig himself into a hole for burial or to rush into it. This is usually a sign of a possible prison sentence.

Vedic dream interpretation

The graves in the dream predicting quick death of a loved one. Especially bad is a symbol for the patient.

Muslim dream interpretation

Your sleep for making place for burial? Soon you will be engaged in the construction of a new home.

The Interpreter Vanga

If the night vision showed you my own grave, this dream is unfavorable. He tells about changes in life for the worse. Several graves to a chain of unfortunate accident.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

To dig a hole for burial in the cemetery – to the fact that soon you’ll find a soul mate. And to bury a coffin to get rid of chronic disease. Walking between the graves interprets the dream to the breakdown of relationships, divorce.

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