To collect grapes in a dream

You had to look at grapes in a dream? And that presages a dream answer this question with a variety of dream books.

Grapes in a dream

Grapes in a dream

A modern dream book

Grapes can dream to profit, wealth, prosperity, healthy life. A dream could Herald a new appointment.

Eating in the dream see it plucked grapes – wait for the joy, wealth, pleasures.

When had a unripe grapes, just asking for trouble. The grapes in the dream was dry – not to avoid trouble, trouble and loss.

Grapes white is a symbol of innocence.

Vine predicts a happy and long life. If it is a huge amount of berries – will make considerable efforts to reach his goal.

Will be interesting and very necessary to you – that’s what dreams to collect grapes in a dream.

Women’s dream book

The appearance of a rather serious trouble, which will only strengthen your resolve – that’s what dreams are grapes.

In the dream the grapes was not very tasty – in reality you are waiting for the doubts about the important things, but soon you will feel that you found some peace.

Rejoice in the dream of the rich harvest of grapes – in reality will gain a special position in society and to assist others.

Young girl the dream promises fulfillment of a cherished dream.

With sleep grape clusters of fragrant promise the fulfillment of your dreams and join in a happy marriage.

When in dreams you were driving past the grape valley and tore berries – soon expect the emergence of a generous companion and success in business.

Rotten and poorly ripened grapes are predicting a quick doubt in the committed actions.

Family dream book

For young girls thick vine thickets of ripe berries and a bunch of predict in the near future the implementation of the most cherished desires and ambitions. A dream may portend a speedy and favorable marriage.

When sleep with the presence of grapes had before the exam, get high scores.

For married women this dream foretells the achievement of any goal and any cases which seemed not on the shoulder.

Spoiled grapes promise in reality, the fears and doubts, which, however, will soon pass away, and in their place will come the confidence and peace of mind.

There are grapes in a dream – in reality to acquire considerable care.

The Dream Miller

If in the dream, the dream of the grape – expect a lot of worries which will enable you to become even stronger.

Was passing near the vineyard on a horse and tore the berries – are your dreams, and all business will be profitable.

Delicious grapes heralds the appearance of the fears and doubts that would still be able to dispel.

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